Katie DeRaddo

Social Media Strategist

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Looking for a new challenge, Katie brought her passion for communicating to Gryt Health so she can learn and connect with people impassioned to make a difference in the healthcare system.


Katie lives in Rochester, New York with her Chiweenie, Tornado. Her favorite place is HOME. Home is the place Katie feels most comfortable and the happiest. Katie would like to have some overseas experiences, specifically in Italy. 


She is lucky enough to have most of her family nearby for support. Tornado is her best friend.


As our Gryt Health Social Media Strategist, Katie creates and manages our social media content. She oversees how the world experiences our company through organic (unpaid and not advertized) posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. She is also responsible for most of the email communications that are sent out to our distribution lists. 


Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York. She graduated in 2017 and started her own freelance business, which she started while working in the insurance industry before finding Gryt Health.


Katie has deep connections to healthcare. She has a chronic health condition, idiopathic hypersomnolence, a condition similar to narcolepsy, as well as Tourettes Syndrome. Katie has also dealt with personal mental health issues, something that many people with chronic health conditions encounter. Additionally, several close family members have chronic conditions and her brother is a physician. Three out of her four grandparents have had cancer. Two of her grandparents passed away from cancer. 


Choosing to work at Gryt Health was a matter of working with a company that has a lot of passion and dedication to the patients we work with for Katie. She also loves how dedicated Gryt Health is to the employees. Katie really appreciates the company culture of well-being and work-life balance at Gryt Health.


The new learning experience that is available to Katie at Gryt Health is what excites her. She is very new to a lot of the medical terms, especially as they relate to oncology, Gryt Health’s original purpose. She knows that she’ll be learning about a lot of these types of things, especially as we grow and expand into other areas of healthcare. Katie has had the opportunity to work closely with the research team and has been learning about how research and marketing work hand-in-hand to make sure everything is compliant with the FDA and other organizations to make sure that we have a good voice with the correct messaging. 


The passion for social media that Katie possesses is equally matched with the Gryt Health mission. She is excited to represent passionate people and to put messages out that are very interesting and that our community wants to see. Katie plans on really leaning into the storytelling aspect of what Gryt Health does. Not only does she want to share the stories of our community members, but she wants to share the stories of Gryt Health and what we do on a regular basis out in the community and behind the scenes. Katie is excited to join in the conversations and interact with our community as well. 


Katie is inspired by the people who gain so much from all the work that Gryt Health does. It drives Katie to make social media messages that are chock-full of useful information and consistent with our company voice that enables people to find Gryt Health for the first time as well as engage with us for the umpteenth time. She wants to inspire others to engage with us in all areas of our community.                


Katie is driven to use her voice because she understands that in the healthcare system, not everyone is taken seriously. There are misrepresentations and misunderstandings for a variety of reasons. Katie knows it is important for everyone to have their experiences taken seriously and for physicians to really listen to patients. She realizes that she is in a position to help others by speaking up and working towards change.


Living in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, Katie can often be found enjoying the local wineries. It is an easy way to gather with friends and have a great time. Katie has a very unique hobby of grave cataloging and headstone cleaning for a cemetery in Rochester called Mount Hope Cemetery.

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