An impact-oriented patient and caregiver experience company.

We help those affected by disease connect, share their stories, and experience the benefits of participating in research. We also work with industry to work toward positively influencing the future of healthcare.

We do this with our unparalleled deep industry expertise and human health experience to work toward our goal of improving beneficial healthcare outcomes for everyone.

Dave and Dave
Dave Craig (he/him) and Dave Aleksandrowicz (he/him) at Global Virtual Cancer Conference 2021
GVCC 2022 logo

You’re invited to join the 4th annual Global Virtual Cancer Conference! Happening November 2-5, 2022.

Rachel in front of slide for advancing the science of cancer in latinos
Rachel Byrd (she/her) at Advancing The Science Of Cancer In Latinos 2021

For clinical design

Integrating the patient voice into new medicines development and access through our MD / PhD-led research team.

For advocacy

Empowering patients through live, virtual sessions that we co-create with healthcare experts on specific areas of the patient journey.

Uma on laptop
Uma Rana (she/her) at Global Virtual Cancer Conference 2021
Jessica Carroll (she/her) at Global Virtual Cancer Conference 2021

For patients

Supporting the disease community through authentic gathering that help people connect with peers and learn to find and use their voice to advocate for themself and for others.


“I think that GRYT Health's platform is unique and will undoubtedly continue to expand as it continues on its mission of improve both the OS and QoL of those impacted by cancer. Results from the BEACON project will be used to this end; it will form the basis for meaningful scientific exchange towards awareness of an ongoing medical need (which can actually be addressed with available therapies!). Thank you for the partnership.”
Ben Cadieux
Benoit Cadieux, Head of Medical Affairs at Amgen (now MEI Pharma)
“I was excited and hopeful for this innovative idea of a global virtual cancer conference to come to life! Would it work? Would the technology support us? And that day, as we logged on and began to see and hear people and presentations from all around the world, thousands of participants - we were all so excited! People were home in slippers, in hospital beds and clinics, even in public places on their iPads and laptops. It was thrilling and amazing to know that patients, their families, and caregivers could participate from wherever they were!"
Cathy Traz (Trzaskawka), former Executive Director and Head of Global Advocacy, Bristol Myers Squibb
“In the end, what cinched the deal was you offered a flexible, scalable, and feature rich solution that met our needs. Not only that, you are willing to partner with us to produce a quality product that will provide the WM community with valuable information to help them make informed healthcare decisions.”
Maureen Beck
Maureen Baeck, Digital and Creative Services Manager at International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF)

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