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The Importance of Shared Decision-Making

When planning any type of medical treatment, interactions between the patient and their clinical care team tend to fall into one of the following types: paternalistic, informative, or shared decision-making.

Farah G.

Farah's Story

GRYT is choosing to see only the blessings in the midst of chaos.

Dr. Sadhana Jackson Shares Her Story

GRYT is being a 34 year old oncologist who was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

Christian B.

Your First Chemo Treatment: What To Expect, Side Effects, and More

What should you expect for your first chemo treatment? Those who have gone through it write about their experiences and ways for you to prepare.

Newly Diagnosed With Cancer? Here are 4 Things You Can Do Today

"You have cancer.” Three little words can welcome a lifetime of change. Maybe you’ve recently received this news. Or a loved one has shared that he/she has, and you’re doing some research about how to make sense of it. Learn four things you can do today if you're facing a new cancer diagnosis.

Justin B.

Depression–A Cancer Survivor’s Story

I’ve alluded to this in past writings, but I fought with clinical depression during high school. However, I’ve never written a full account of this trying time, and in the wake of the unfortunate events with Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and countless others throughout the past decade, I’m ready to take that leap in hopes of letting someone else know to ask for help.

Shelley N.

Ten Tips for a Chemotherapy Prep Checklist

There aren’t many things that can help you feel better while you’re going through chemotherapy, but these can maybe make the journey a bit more comfortable.

Abigail J.

Cancer and Sex: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?


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