GRYT Health is moving healthcare forward by helping to advance the treatment, care and experience of those affected by cancer.

We work with healthcare companies that put patients first.

Through research, marketing and clinical trial services, we integrate the patient experience – from early stage treatments through long-term survivorship – to ultimately improve health outcomes.


GRYT Health connects patients and caregivers to others with shared experience and to information relevant their journey.

The GRYT App

Through the GRYT app, we’ve created a platform for people affected by cancer to connect to others with similar experiences, and to tailored information that helps our users become more aware of options specific to their needs or diagnosis – empowering them to make choices that are right for them.

Our community of patients, survivors, medical professionals, researchers and advocates across all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 100 countries worldwide have participated in almost 1,000,000 interactions to date, inspiring people to live according to their own standards.

Trust from our community is paramount to our success and something we take very seriously. We never share any of our users’ information without their explicit permission. Unlike other apps, GRYT is the first social community that is funded, built, and run by patients and caregivers where users communicate anonymously in real-time and each person is 100% in charge of what happens with their data.


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