Connect with other cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers at a safe & dependable online community platform and app

Learn about our cancer community platform, accessible on your computer/laptop or via an app on your tablet / mobile device. Meet others who share the same diagnosis as you and  communicate in chatrooms designed for experience-sharing.

Why Join Our Community?

Your information is safe and secure. We are cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and advocates who wanted to build a safe space outside of popular social media networks, so we could have our “diagnosed life” exist outside of our “social media life.”

What We Promise and Pledge to Our Community

Your data is sacred

Your information will never be shared with anyone without your permission. Never.

Everyone's voice is valued

You matter. Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter. 

Zero-tolerance for hate

We will not allow our community to be a place where racism, bigotry, or hate is spread.

Community Platform and App Features

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Discover: One-to-One Matching

The Discovery part of our community platform lists those who have shared information as you. Chatting with someone who is going through something similar as you (or has gone through what you’re currently going through!) is powerful. It allows you to ask the question you want and get real, first-hand answers from someone who has lived the experience. 

Chatrooms: Shared Experience Gatherings

Community platform chatrooms act as places where people can gather and share information. Dip in and say hello to others or respond to questions people are asking. Feeling lonely? See if anyone is around to talk about something on-topic or off. 

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Vivibot heart

Vivibot: Mental Health Chatbot

Vivibot was designed by AYA cancer survivors to help practice seven different mindfulness skills. Full of spunk and personality while being backed by science, make checking in with Vivi for five minutes a daily practice to help process feelings and emotions you may (or may not!) know you have.

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