Ten Tips for GRYT's App

Ten Tips for Stupid Cancer's App Powered By GRYT

Ten Tips for GRYT's App

Your profile page is a great place to get started! The more information you fill out, the better your app matches will be! Here you can edit your avatar and different fields such as age, location, diagnosis. The list of My Favorite Resources is some common ground beyond your diagnosis you might find helpful to connect with some people with. The more you fill out, the better your connections will be. You can edit this at anytime by tapping the blue pencil on the top right corner.

Next up is the Discover tab. Here you’ll find people who closely match a variety of things they have in common with you, such as age, diagnosis, stage, etc, by the most number of things you have in common together first.

If you make a friend in a chatroom and would like to message them privately, just tap on their avatar and you’ll be able to see their profile page pop up. If you scroll down to the bottom, a bright blue message button is at your assistance.

When you first privately message someone, for security purposes, you need to have your new friend message you back before you can continue your awesome conversation. So make sure you remind your new buddy to respond to you!

Your messages page is the home for everyone you interact with privately. This is a great way to remember a list of new friends’ names. All of your conversations can be found here. Make sure your notifications are set to on, so when you get a message, you won’t miss it!

Dave F, Shelley N, Aerial D, and Christian B are part of the GRYT Health team and are here to help and answer questions! They aren’t bots, so if you see them in a chatroom, say hey!

AppChats are a great way to gather support, get tips, and make new friends. The topics are vast and are held multiple times a week. The calendar can be found on the GRYT Health Facebook page, Instagram, as well as the GRYT Health website.

On the top left corner of your profile page is a gear symbol. Here you can change your password, look over a list of FAQs, and send any feedback you might have. We take everything you say seriously! This app was made for you, by young adult cancer survivors, caregivers and advocates. You can help us make it better.

Lastly, remember this community is here for you. Fill out your profile, participate in AppChats, reach out to fellow survivors. These tips will get you on your way to having support beyond your diagnosis, wherever you might be in your cancer journey.