GRYT Health is an award-winning, mobile app-based social community founded by cancer survivors and caregivers who wanted to create a more human approach to helping people live on their own terms.

PURPOSE: Through the GRYT app, we’ve created a platform for people affected by cancer to connect to others with similar experiences, and to tailored information that helps our users become more aware of options specific to their needs or diagnosis – empowering them to make choices that are right for them.

MISSION: Information is not a luxury, but an undeniable right to patients. Our mission is help provide patients, survivors, and caregivers achieve personal triumph by providing the information and human connections that empower them to make choices that are right for them - based on their personal values and lifestyles.

VALUES: GRYT’s core values are Authenticity, Community, and Relentlessness. These are non-negotiables that keep the GRYT company in check with ourselves. Acceptance and agreement to these integral words are a must for every GRYT Partner that agrees to collaborate with us. Read our GRYT Principles – these are the standards that guide our growth and help us determine appropriate partners for our community.

CULTURE: The GRYT community promotes a culture of inclusion and equality, where everyone is respected for the experience they bring, where authenticity and openness are revered, and where our collective voice and choice matter. Our team and the GRYT community are authentic and relentless, and together, we are working to make sure no one ever has to suffer this journey alone.

We encourage anyone affected by cancer to download the GRYT app to see how our community can help you live life on your terms. Search for “G-R-Y-T” to download the app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

We are young adult cancer survivors and caregivers.

We worked in Pharma, pharmacy, Wall Street, medical school, e-commerce and health communications. We have re-routed our lives to use what we know to help others affected by cancer. That is why GRYT Health exists. 


Dave Fuehrer, CEO
Two-Time Young Adult Survivor

Why did we create this company?

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer twice in my twenties.

As I was rebuilding my life, we lost my dad to bladder cancer. It was more than I could handle. I needed to do something to help others facing the same impossible situation we were.    

My wife and I used our life savings, along with $97,000 from my father’s passing, to start GRYT Health. Our team are some of the most talented individuals from healthcare, pharmacy, research, mobile, and Wall Street. They are also cancer survivors and caregivers.  Together, we work with companies who specialize in oncology to help you manage your health on your terms.

“The difficult we do immediately.  The impossible just takes a little longer”

- Craig J. Fuehrer





The Lynx Group™ and McGivney Global Advisors

GRYT Health’s App Wins 2018 Appy Award for “Best Non-Profit App”

APPY Awards

Design Institute for Health Pro Bono Counsel

SXSW HealthSpark

Runner-up for the Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)’s 2018 Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) award

SXSW HealthSpark

Participant Engagement Award

SCOPE Summit


Reaching a Hard to Reach Patient Population Using a mobile technology-based tool to provide information and support

Society of Behavioral Medicine