We believe information is an undeniable right. Our mission is to help people affected by cancer achieve personal triumph by providing the information and human connections that enable them to make decisions based on their personal values and lifestyles. And we never share any of our users’ information without their explicit permission.

GRYT helps patients and caregivers:

• Learn about new, FDA-approved treatment, testing, and care options.
• Participate in patient experience research to improve understanding of their real-world experience.
• Attend educational, informational and inspirational programs to make decisions based on their personal values and lifestyles.
• Make connections with others who are going through similar experiences.
• Support others when they need to find some GRYT.

Our strategy is to improve the way healthcare consumers learn about and interact with brands whose values align with theirs; not just in managing disease, but in living their lives. In addition to connecting people affected by cancer to others like them, our platform connects patients to clinical trials, education on FDA-approved therapies and is able to generate real-world data through patient-reported outcomes and market research that helps researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and providers accelerate the discovery of new, more effective products and services with patient experience data.


Through the GRYT app, we’ve created a platform for people affected by cancer to connect to others with similar experiences, and to tailored information that helps our users become more aware of options specific to their needs or diagnosis – empowering them to make choices that are right for them. 

The GRYT app is an award-winning mobile app that provides instant, anonymous peer support and tailored information to anyone affected by cancer including patients, survivors, caregivers, friends, family, medical professionals, researchers and advocates.

Users complete a profile and are matched with peers based on self-selected criteria or can participate in unstructured, moderated group chats.

We encourage anyone affected by cancer to download the GRYT app to see how our community can help you live life on your terms. Search for “G-R-Y-T” to download the app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. 


GRYT is the premier resource for Pharmaceutical companies when information is needed from the patient community.  We work with Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies in four distinct ways:

Information:  Providing our community with direct, targeted, and relevant information specific to their disease state.

Education: Sessions led by KOL’s or representatives interacting in real time with the targeted audience on new discoveries and treatments.

Engagement: Working on behalf of companies, we engage our community and report back to Healthcare Companies with scientific data that is actionable.  PRO, RWE, and Patient Experience Research are some examples

Enrollment:  Utilizing our extensive network, we recruit patients for Clinical Trials in every stage.


Through the GRYT app, we have developed the platform for non-profits as a way to communicate with their groups, in a safe environment where data is never manipulated or sold.  GRYT partners with non-profits, increasing their reach and helping them increase activity in their community and development.

GRYT provides, at no cost, the following:

• Dedicated chat rooms
• One location to send Community to for interaction and information
• One place to send information, fundraising, conferences, and direct messages to just your community.
• Ability to invite all cancer patients to events – extending your reach!
• The proven experience of GRYT as a trusted source for patients.
• Non-Facebook way to create a community for patients - proof they are not alone.


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