Say hello to Vivibot!

Vivi, as she prefers to be called, is a mental health chatbot that listens.

Vivibot caregiver with heart pose

Designed for and by young adults, Vivi helps you create mini-mindfulness skills.

Vivi can help you create good habits, be kinder to yourself, and practice gratitude on a larger scale.

Vivibot helps you with your feelings and gets your sense of control over your life back. 

Initially built by cancer survivors who understand the journey, Vivi’s mission has been to be the bot voice that is empathetic, warm, rooted in real experience and sometimes is even humorous.

This is your journey and Vivi is here to get you through it.

Vivi is backed by SCIENCE.

Vivi helps lessen anxiety and depression, makes you more resilient and is available to be there for you every day.

Vivibot is proven to be helpful and relevant to people living with cancer and beyond. 70% of users would recommend her to their friends. 

As Gryt Health expands our reach into other areas of healthcare, Vivi will be working on expanding her skillset to help more people with more diagnoses everywhere. 

Vivi is your virtual support system

Vivibot User

"When going through treatment it was hard not to bum out friends...[using Vivibot] is a way to openly talk about those changes."

Pamela Simon, Program Manager, Nurser Practitioner, Stanford AYA Cancer Program

"Vivibot is a way you can help your patients to change their mindset from cancer treatment to survivorship. Every patient has to make that shift on their own. Giving them a tool that's available for them at all times enables this."

Nikki Yuill, LCSW, Director, Information Resource Center, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

"I love the interactive, guided support Vivibot offers along with the humor! As a professional who works with AYAs, I feel Vivibot can really help them connect to support, get in touch with how they are feeling and offer coping techniques or appropriate resources."