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Created by cancer survivors and caregivers for those facing a cancer diagnosis, everything we do at GRYT Health revolves around improving experiences. Because we’ve gone through it, we know no one should be alone when facing cancer. With GRYT Health, you don’t have to.

The GRYT Health platform is a free resource that connects you to others in the cancer community with similar experiences and to information relevant to your journey. Available as an award-winning mobile app or desktop version, the platform offers connections, support and ultimately – hope.

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The GRYT Health platform provides instant, anonymous peer support and tailored information to anyone affected by cancer.

The desktop version of our platform brings enhancements to the GRYT Health community including increased access and mobility, customized resources and with Vivabot, a tool that helps you in real-time to learn coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety and depression.

To join the GRYT Health community, you complete a profile and then are matched with peers based on self-selected criteria. You can also participate in unstructured or moderated group chats, ongoing programming from leading oncology experts and have access to tailored information, empowering you to make informed decisions. See our upcoming programming to learn more

Trust from our community is paramount and something we take very seriously. We never share any of our users’ information without your explicit permission. Unlike other cancer community platforms, GRYT Health is the first social community where you are in charge of what happens with your data. To learn more about the work we do with our healthcare partners to move healthcare forward, visit The GRYT Project page

We encourage anyone affected by cancer to access our desktop version of the GRYT Health platform or download the GRYT Health app
 to see how our community can help you live life on your terms.

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