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Our mission and vision of The Advocacy Exchange

Our vision is to create a world and a movement for patient organizations and their communities where barriers to progress are removed, and sharing is second nature, and collaboration is regularly done.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration, champion change, and ensure all patient organizations and their members who share our values have an equal voice in drug development and access, regardless of their advocacy experience and therapeutic area.

Together, we are lifting levels of knowledge and brokering exchanges on subjects of importance to drive change.

A background of the why for The Advocacy Exchange

The Advocacy Exchange is a virtual platform created to unite advocacy organizations, patients, and industry leaders in the exchange of information. It is a global collaboration, co-created and co-led, and ‘always on’ to foster meaningful growth and partnership across disease areas to improve patient outcomes.

Gryt Health programmed and maintains 300,000 lines of code to develop this custom, virtual platform. We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing 70 Patient Advocacy Organizations to co-create the program with Bristol Myers Squibb.

Created initially to support the urgent needs of the patient advocacy community as the COVID Advocacy Exchange (CAE), The Advocacy Exchange is a first-of-its-kind platform offering live, interactive discussions through which patient voices are heard and a virtual exhibit hall where participating organizations can share resources and learn from one another – all available free of charge, 24-7.

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