Jane C.

Jane Claudio's Story


Last September, I thought a hard season of my life was coming to a close. Little did I know, the toughest season of my life was just beginning. I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer at age 26. There is no way to prepare for the moment when you hear the words, "you have cancer.” From the very beginning, I have felt deeply that this journey didn’t only belong to me, it also belonged to all who were watching. This time of my life has been excruciating, but the beauty that has come of it outshines all the disappointment. Cancer has stolen so much from me: my hair, my breasts, nine months of my life, 25 pounds of my body. But the things I have gained from this journey are things that will never be stolen: deeper relationships with my friends and family, immovable belief in unconditional love, and a vivid understanding of what an honor it is to wake up alive and be a part of the golden, moving world.


GRYT is letting people share the journey—even if it’s not the story that we wanted. 


GRYT is answering the knock on the door when grief, anger, and questions come calling—but refusing to give them the keys to the house. 


GRYT is holding stubbornly to the belief that even the hard things work together for good—no pain is ever wasted. 


GRYT is courage enough to experience the weight of both joy and pain, and the conviction that one does not discount the other.