Welcome to the GRYT Writing Group

Participate in the GRYT Writing Group by sharing pieces in a safe environment on the GRYT App.

How to participate in GRYT Writing Group: Join us the third Thursday of every month in the Writing Group Chatroom on the GRYT app. Moderated by Justin of ABSOT, spend the hour of 8-9pm ET / 7-8pm CT / 5-6pm PT brainstorming about that week’s prompt! Chat with us through thoughts, ideas, and structure suggestions, as well as hear from your fellow community members with their pieces of writing!

Ready for the next prompt? Every Friday we post a new one! With contributions from ABSOT, Lacuna Loft, and GRYT, they’re guaranteed to be varietal. Love what you wrote? Feel like you want to share it other places besides the app? Email your piece to aerial@grythealth.com to learn how we can share it on our blog!