Moderated by Stephen Cerne, Owner/President of Fully Functional Fitness, Inc.

Join us on June 4th, from 8–9pm ET / 7–8pm CT / 5–6pm PT for our first Cancer and Exercise AppChat! Caregiver and Exercise Expert, Stephen Cerne from Fully Functional Fitness will be leading the discussion on the GRYT App. We’ll be chatting on everything from guidelines, to exercise programs, and different ways to alter and adjust exercise to accommodate different needs.

What we’ll be covering:

What makes up a well-rounded exercise program?
• Cardiovascular-Respiratory
• Muscular Strength & Endurance
• Flexibility
• Balance

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Guidelines on physical activity:
•How does one determine exercise intensity?
•How to determine your maximum HR
•Tools for use in determining intensity

Specific Guidelines
•Muscular Strength & Endurance
•How does one alter an exercise program?

•F- Frequency (How often)
•I- Intensity
•T- Type/Modality (Ex. Walking, biking, swimming)
•T- Time/Duration (length of workout)

Get to know Stephen by reading his bio here!

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