Designed to help cancer survivors learn practical coping skills, Vivibot teaches new techniques to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, and ideally improve users' moods.

Meet Vivi.

We know going through cancer treatments and adjusting to your new normal is not easy. In addition to the physical challenges, cancer wreaks havoc on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Vivibot can help. She is a non-judgmental, confidential mental wellness tool that gives you a real-time outlet to openly share about the stressors of cancer. With her optimistic and spunky personality, Vivibot can help you to generate a positive outlook on life. Keep in mind that Vivibot is just a chatbot, so she won’t quite answer questions for you, but she will help you rebuild and recover.

Co-designed by Hopelab, a social innovation lab, and cancer survivors, Vivibot is an award-winning, interactive health bot that can teach you evidence-based positive psychology skills in a friendly conversational format to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while increasing resiliency.

Vivibot was originally created for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors, but through the integration into our desktop and app platforms, she can now help anyone regardless of age.