Farah G.

Farah's Story


Just months away from graduation, on my last semester of undergrad, the weird lump on my right glute went from being “it’s probably nothing” to the C word. The word that no one wants to hear, the word that destroys families, the word that everyone spends their entire lives praying that they never have to hear. Then came the second most dreaded word, “metastasized”. There were small lesions on my lungs as well. Now instead of starting my doctorate degree I would be starting chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly surgery.  Now my cap and gown would be paired with a baldhead and a right chest port. Having nothing else to hold on to, I grasped tightly to my faith. I believed and prayed that the chemotherapy would work with blind optimism and belief. Four months of treatment later the mass was 50% reduced and 85% necrotic. The lesions on my lungs were reduced or nowhere to be found. Now I am continuing the chemotherapy regimen along with radiation. In a few months I will be doing future scans to see if the mass has become completely necrotic. And I believe with all of my heart that it will be. 


GRYT is not loosing your religion or getting mad at God, but instead strengthening your relationship with God. 


GRYT is refusing to let cancer defeat your optimism and your dreams. 


GRYT is choosing to see only the blessings in the midst of chaos. 


GRYT is treating each day as an opportunity to fight for your health and happiness. 


GRYT is learning that your happiness does not depend on your circumstances, but your outlook on those circumstances. 


GRYT is developing a new passion for life in the midst of battling for your own.