Trying to summarize a 4-year battle with brain cancer is harder than I thought. There are so many different experiences that one goes through when the time comes to “fighting the good fight.”

I was a junior in college, just celebrated my first full year of marriage, and not to mention having a three-year-old who I let shave my head before my surgery.

Every day of my cancer journey has made me who I am today and has helped solidify my passion for helping people who are met with this horrific disease. I sit back and look at my life; I now have a 7-year- old who just started 2nd grade and an almost 3-year-old, a wife who’s running for city council and
myself, halfway through an MSW degree. Three weeks ago, I received fantastic news; the tumor bed in my fourth ventricle is now completely clear and got moved to 6-month MRI’s, bloodwork, etc.

GRYT is graduating from college during chemotherapy and pursuing a Master’s while cancer hangs around.

GRYT is digging deep to find your strengths in a time of weakness.

GRYT is using a diagnosis to build a new foundation for your life and your family.

GRYT is doing your homework at the hospital while you wait for the “all day affair” of bloodwork, MRI’s, and doctor’s appointments.

My instagram is Twt0711.

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