July 10th 2018 is when my world came to a screeching halt. I remember everything about the day I was diagnosed with Leukemia. The smells, the music the doctor had playing on his little stereo, even down to what Jordan’s I had on. My family had been affected by cancer before but I never saw it coming for me, never thought it could be me.

Since then I feel like I’ve been on this non-stop rollercoaster of ups and downs that never stops to let me off. My oral chemotherapy meds definitely contribute to more downs than ups. The side effects are the thing that pulls me down sometimes. The nausea, vomiting and all the other side effects I don’t have to get into make for a difficult time. However, a part of me is thankful for my diagnosis in a weird way. Why? It has changed my outlook on life and I’m no longer in a rush anymore. I also have a new life motto that I live by now. “I got the L but I’m not taking the L”

GRYT is going through Chemo but still going to your full-time job everyday because the “L “doesn’t define you.

GRYT is creating a blog about your vulnerability so that your friends/family can understand what your experiencing.

GRYT is finally understanding that you may need help time to time to overcome the feelings that come with the diagnosis.

GRYT is creating your own strength to get up in the morning when all you really want to do is not start the day.

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