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The GRYT Project

The GRYT Project

The GRYT Project

The GRYT Project encompasses our work with our partners in the top healthcare organizations globally to advance the care, treatment and experience of those affected with cancer. By putting patients and caregivers first and integrating your experience into research, you can help us to ultimately improve health outcomes.

Why We Do It

GRYT Health was created by cancer survivors for those faced with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers with the goal of providing support and resources to improve experiences, while engaging our community in ground breaking research that may ultimately end cancer.

How We Do It

Through questionnaires and digital focus groups, the GRYT Project helps its partners better understand the patient and caregiver experience so that cancer care – from early-stage treatments through long-term survivorship – can be improved, positively impacting health outcomes.

As a member of our community, you have the ability to opt in to The GRYT Project and choose the research projects in which you would like to participate. Your data will never be shared without your explicit approval and through your participation, your experience will have a positive impact on the future of healthcare. Additionally, in most cases, you will be compensated for your participation.

Join the registry with hundreds of others and be the first to learn about our new project opportunities.

See projects for which we and our partners are currently recruiting. Questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Active GRYT Projects

Did you ever think about bone health during your cancer diagnosis or treatment? Answer our questionnaire with your experience, get compensated, and help improve bone health education.


This survey is open for current metastatic breast, metastatic lung, multiple myeloma, or metastatic prostate cancer patients or those 3 or less years into survivorship.


Email us at for more project information and/or to participate.

Projects From Our Partners

Cancer and Cognition

Estimated Time: 65 minutes
Want to learn more about your cognition and contribute to cancer research? Complete 14 cognitive tests and help us build better tools for cancer research. At the end, you will get feedback on your scores. This project is supported by a contract from the National Cancer Institute of the US National Institutes of Health.

The GRYT Project FAQs

We fully believe in the power of the patient and caregiver voice. Through the integration of your experience into research projects, we can move healthcare forward. Our projects focus on compiling information that help advance the treatment, care and experience of those affected by cancer. Together, we can improve health outcomes.

The trust of our GRYT Health community is paramount in everything we do. Even if you choose to participate in a research project, we will never sell or share your data without your permission. We will always offer full transparency with regard to whom we are working with and the purpose of the research study.  

The research we are doing in collaboration with our partners will move healthcare forward and it is our intention to share information that will improve health outcomes broadly. With that being said, some of our projects are confidential in nature and cannot be immediately shared. 

When you sign up to join The GRYT Project, you will be added to a registry of those interested in working with us on research projects. It is important to note that each research project has its own unique parameters and while you may be qualified for one, it does not guarantee entry into other collaborations. We will contact you by email when projects become available for which you meet the selection criteria.

Our research projects are conducted throughout the year. The projects available will vary from month to month. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how often you will be eligible to participate within a given year. Make sure to add to your address book to avoid our emails going to spam.

Yes! Absolutely! As long as you meet the project requirements, you are eligible to participate in multiple research projects, even if that means participating in overlapping projects.

While we try very hard to make sure we can compensate those that participate in our projects as much and as often as we can, not all of our projects are compensated. Sometimes our partners have very limited resources and cannot offer compensation. You will know which projects are compensated and which are not, upfront and the choice to participate is yours.