An appy award winner, the GRYT Health Cancer Community App is the only cancer community that empowers people to be in charge of their own health. Our patient support app for cancer patients is built by patients and caregivers for patients and caregivers.

It’s a digital cancer support group in your pocket.

Unlike other apps, your information and data is never sold.

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Your Profile

Start by creating your profile. This is where you will fill in details such as your name, age, location, and any specific cancer details you wish to share.

Any elements you fill in help match you with others that share similar characteristics in the community. Knowledge is power, and there is no greater way of collecting unknown knowledge than asking others who have gone through what you've either gone through yourself or are staring down.

You are also able to fill in about me details as well as list favorite resources you find valuable.


This section of the app will display users of the community who match the same characteristics that you filled in with your own profile.

Tap on the avatar to read a member's public profile to learn more about them.

When you're ready, tap "say hello" to send the user a message.

Matches will update over time when new community members join and fill out their profiles.

Messages / Chatrooms

Your text interaction in our cancer chat app will take place in either a 1:1 text chat or in a chatroom setting.

For 1:1 chats, you will receive a notification on your device when you receive a chat from a community member. In 1:1 chats, you also have the functionality to share images.

In a general chatroom setting, all users can access and participate in chats.

Our Cancer Community App Stats

Our community of patients, survivors, and caregivers are located across all 50 states in the United States and in more than 100 countries worldwide. There have been more than 1.3 million interactions to date on our platform, empowering people to live according to their own standards.

Vivibot, a mental health chatbot that listens, is also available on the app. Vivibot is a chatbot designed for young adult cancer survivors. She was built to help YA cancer survivors reduce anxiety and has shown these results in a published study.