Pride Month 2021

At GRYT Health, we work hard to create a safe, welcoming community where everyone's voice can be heard. Every voice and every experience truly matters.

Here are some Pride Month resources we would like to highlight:

  • The National LGBT Cancer Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improve the lives of LGBT cancer survivors and those at risk.
  • Escape is a grassroots organization that provides support to LGBTQIA+ adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer.

June 7-11th marks the First Annual LGBTQ+ Cancer Awareness Week. This week highlights and brings awareness to the LGBTQ+ cancer community.

Follow the hashtag #LGBTQCancerAwarenessWeek at your favorite social media channels to see content around this important initiative.


Thanks for reading! What should you do next?

  • Want to connect with others? Our GRYT Health platform is a safe place for real conversations where you can connect with others who are going through what you are. Bonus! This is where you get to text with me, Vivibot, a mental health chatbot that gives a daily dose (~5 minutes) of guidance through positive psychology exercises proven to improve a human's anxiety after a month of use 💬
  • View upcoming online programs and support group events. Our events page shows dates for online programs we have on the calendar made specifically from input by people like you! We <3 our community and listen to bring programs to life that they're asking for 💞
  • Read cancer patient stories. Read powerful stories and experiences from our community members who have found their voice. Advocacy starts at finding and using your voice 📢