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Five Years of GRYT Health

An act of defiance and desperation. That’s how Dave Fuehrer, co-founder and chief executive officer of GRYT Health and two-time cancer survivor, viewed his signing of the incorporation papers to officially start the company five years ago today. The fact that he did so on World Cancer Day was no coincidence. It was a bold statement about the impact he and his fellow co-founders planned to make.

Christian B.

Chemo Preparation Checklist: What To Expect, Side Effects, and More

What should you expect for your first chemo treatment? Those who have gone through it write about their experiences and ways for you to prepare.

Just Diagnosed With Cancer - Now What? Four Things To Do Today

"You have cancer.” Three little words can welcome a lifetime of change. Maybe you’ve recently received this news. Or a loved one has shared that he/she has, and you’re doing some research about how to make sense of it. Learn four things you can do today if you're facing a new cancer diagnosis.

Nichole O.

How to Identify What You Need

So now, instead of pushing to get back to normal, I try and take a few minutes at some point during the day to recognize how I’m feeling, acknowledge it and either address it or let it go. Sometimes simply recognizing your feelings is enough - at least for now.

Dave F.

The Power of Your Voice

When I was losing my home after my cancer diagnosis because I couldn’t pay my bills, I was too ashamed to ask for help. When we were losing my father to bladder cancer after his treatment stopped working, I didn’t know there were other treatment options or how to find them.

Ellis E.

COVID-19 and Cancer: What If My Hair Has Grown Faster Than My White Blood Cell Count?

Just over three months ago I celebrated the end of cancer treatment. My hair has grown in, the steroid puffiness has eased, and I feel a lot more like the old me. On the outside. I know that my body, my immune system has still needed time to heal and recover from the trauma of cancer and cancer treatment. It still needs more time.

COVID-19 and Cancer: Are Blood Cancer Survivors Facing a Greater Risk?

Coronavirus has stoked my fear of cancer + mortality yet again. It has given me the same sense of dread – that lead, metallic feeling in the middle of your chest – that I had the following hours and days after hearing that I was diagnosed with cancer.

Lacey B.

The Beast is Back, and it Will Eventually Kill Me

Being terminal isn’t for the faint of heart. On August 1, 2017, just weeks before the start of my last year in graduate school, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia — an aggressive blood cancer. I was immediately hospitalized for treatment and on November 7, 2017, I received cells from an anonymous donor for an allogeneic stem cell transplant, a hope for a cure.

Rhayne T.

Approach a Breast Cancer Diagnosis with a Sense of Humor!

No, it did not run in my family, no I never drank, used drugs or smoked, no I didn’t eat sugar, yes I took care of my body…yet it showed up anyway. Oh boy. Since I have been telling people for centuries to be informed and NOT live in fear, I was now in a position to walk my talk. And I did. I HAD to!

Justin B.

Depression–A Cancer Survivor’s Story

I’ve alluded to this in past writings, but I fought with clinical depression during high school. However, I’ve never written a full account of this trying time, and in the wake of the unfortunate events with Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and countless others throughout the past decade, I’m ready to take that leap in hopes of letting someone else know to ask for help.

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