Alexandra K.

Alexandra's Story


I am a positive person, I do thinks, am busy, multi tasking, a mum of two kids, a jack of all trades and since August 2017, the new feature added to my repertoire is breast cancer - fast growing, aggressive and happy to spread.


This is my wake-up call.... yep, I probably did not listen to the subtle ones - a sudden stop, a time to realize that I need to look after myself, undergo surgery, chemo therapy, radiation and currently chemo pills and need to give my body time to heal....


The good news - I detected it before it spread and therefore am quite hopeful that I am on top of things, but I look after myself now, try to slow down - not always voluntarily, but I try.... and in those quiet moments, I need to face my thoughts and myself....I start to write a blog - every day... the way it is, the ups and downs! I get to know myself better now! See the me I was too busy to see! And I start liking what I see!


My daily life does not change too much, I do a lot of things I did before, just without hair and the cancer is now part of our everyday life, the bald head, the regrowth, the scars.... 2019 the treatment is hopefully over and I can fully dive into my new old life. The emotional side of cancer is not always „oh no, I will die“, but so much else....tired, awake, sad, happy, up and down...writing about it helps me, but I also aim to help others and to raise awareness - I found a me that loves writing.... and my next step is writing a book!


GRYT is being diagnosed with breast cancer days after nursing my one year old for the last time.

GRYT is doing a yoga retreat right before and right after chemo and not stopping during treatment!

GRYT is staring a blog to help myself and others, raise awareness and making cancer a normal part of our life and the incredible feedback & support I receive.

GRYT is connecting with other cancer patients, whether in real life or via Instagram, laughing and crying together!

GRYT is knowing who your friends are and re-sorting your life!

GRYT is discovering that the back of my head is not flat #nohairdontcare!