Kenny Kane

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Kenny Kane spent his twenties trying to make cancer suck less for those affected. As Stupid Cancer Co-Founder and COO, he was able to use his tech prowess and personal connection to cancer as a caregiver to affect change in young adult cancer.

Now in his thirties, Kenny wears multiple hats, as GRYT's Chief Technology Officer and the CEO of the Testicular Cancer Foundation. Kenny relocated from New York City to Austin, TX in 2016 and hasn't looked back. He might, one day, visit GRYT's HQ in Rochester, NY. (But don't count on it, Dave!)

Kenny received his Bachelors in Professional Communications from Farmingdale State College. Once upon a time, YNPN-NYC named him the 2013 "Nonprofiteer of the Year."


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Kenny KaneCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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