Our core competency is direct engagement with patients, while earning and maintaining trust, transparency and access.

Gryt complements other approaches to overcome the myriad challenges in oncology recruitment.

“I think that Gryt Health's platform is unique and will undoubtedly continue to expand as it continues on its mission of improve both the OS and QoL of those impacted by cancer. Results from the BEACON project will be uysed to this end; it will form the basis for meaningful scientific exchange towards awareness of an ongoing medical need (which can actually be addressed with available therapies!). Thank you for the partnership.”
Ben Cadieux
Benoit Cadieux
Head of Medical Affairs at Amgen (now MEI Pharma)
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Increase enrollment rates and overall experience

As cancer survivors and caregivers, we approach participants as people and develop deeply engaged relationships. This personal approach, paired with our medical knowledge to pre-screen candidates, produces results.

Through direct patient input we are able to improve our process and increase effectiveness in recruiting campaigns. The ultimate outcome is more personal and trusted relationships and more engaged participants, which leads to stronger protocol adherence and positive perceptions for patients about participating in research.

We provide:

  • Collaboration on study design and protocol development
  • Patient input to support clinical trial feasibility and optimization
  • Creation of custom promotional material to support effective outreach
  • Central IRB for approval of study materials
    Full-service direct to patient insights from recruitment to engagement to analysis and reporting
  • Collaboration on posters, abstracts, manuscripts or other publications garnered from the research
  • Follow-up research with study participants to build on previous insights due to our ongoing relationships with participants

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