What You Need to Know about Attending GVCC 2022

~Terri Coutee, Founder & Director of Diep C Foundation

GVCC?! What exactly is GRYT Health? Before virtual conferences were even on the map, GRYT Health became a leading expert in gathering the world to be part of their virtual conference they have been doing every year since 2019. That’s what GVCC is – a Global Virtual Cancer Conference.

One of my favorite things about GRYT Health is they include the cancer patient voice, survivors, advocates, and caregivers. Whether we like it or not, this is a community that grows daily; a community that needs support and needs to be heard. That is who GRYT Health is. Interested in attending? Here are my tips and what you need to know about attending GVCC 2022.

Registration is Open for GVCC 2022

First things first, open up your mobile device or laptop, save the date, and register now! https://www.globalvirtualcancerconference.com/ 

You will receive notifications via email to keep you updated on the events surrounding the conference. Encourage others in your circle and community to register, too. Each year, they invite a number of informative speakers to participate in GVCC. The topics vary. Although you may not be interested in attending each event or hearing each speaker, you will find something that inspires, informs, and educates you on a topic you want to know more about. This is about improving your healthcare, networking with others, and feeling part of the global GRYT Health community.

Why is GRYT Health so Accessible for All Cancer Patients?

GRYT Health is accessible no matter where you are. You can download their community platform from the App Store or access GRYT Health from your web browser. I have fond memories of attending past GRYT conferences. Those memories include patients, speakers, and caregivers in their gardens, home offices, or in relaxation mode on the comfort of their sofa or place of rest with headphones on listening to sessions and speakers during the four-day conference. 

There are platforms set up to ask questions just as if you were there in person. The virtual booths host a variety of programs across the spectrum of cancer care. I am excited to be one of those virtual booths again this year representing the Diep C Foundation. Do these booths make a difference? Absolutely! I have heard directly from others in need of services my Foundation provides from GVCC. Be sure to visit the virtual exhibitor hall and find what suits your needs, whether you are a patient, caregiver, friend, oncology care professional, or just a person interested in learning more about how to prevent cancer. 

Welcome to the GRYT Health Community

Is this your first experience with a virtual cancer conference or are you a novice conference attendee? It does not matter because once you have registered for the GRYT 2022 conference, you are now a part of the GRYT Health community. Be as involved as you would like to be. GRYT Health is present across many social media platforms. Whether you pop in for a quick, inspirational Instagram post for the day or sign up for an online seminar to find out more about a clinical trial you now have access to the plethora of services GRYT Health has to offer.

Perhaps you have contemplated becoming more involved in the cancer community through advocacy work. The GRYT Health community will extend their hand and welcome you. The connections you make during the GVCC 2022 may lead you to become involved behind the scenes or alongside the GRYT Health community. Their focus is on the patient voice. Our lived experience is what truly matters to GRYT Health. You will see evidence of this during the conference with the stories you hear.

Fond Memories of my Participation in GVCC

Last year, in November of 2021, my participation as a speaker at GVCC is one of my fondest memories. As I stated previously, you never know who you might connect with across the cancer community via GVCC. I virtually sat beside one of my favorite GRYT Health partners, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, to talk about our favorite topic, shared decision-making in healthcare. 

The team at GRYT Health guided us through the entire process from expectations of speakers, links to join the conference, and guidance throughout our presentation. Dr. C and I are truly passionate about this topic for all types of cancer and the GRYT team sensed that through their support. They helped us answer questions throughout the session.

As we wrapped up our session at GVCC 2021, we were each called upon by David Craig, Co-founder, and CEO of GRYT Health, to reflect on our mission to educate and be resources for the cancer community. I was not prepared for this question. It was completely unscripted on my part. What I can tell you is after attending and participating in the session with Dr. C, the words flowed easily and with great emotion after being a part of GVCC 2021. This is why I am looking forward to attending GVCC 2022. I invite you along with me and the novice and veteran attendees this year. See you at GVCC 2022! 

Terri Coutee and Dr. Minas Chrysopoulous during their GVCC 2021 session.

Terri created the Diep C Foundation to help others who are seeking information about breast reconstruction options. She gives patients the personal first-hand knowledge they are seeking by sharing, from beginning to end, her positive journey through breast reconstruction. Terri is a Project LEAD® Institute graduate and a consumer patient advocate. She is currently serving on the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program for the breast cancer vaccine under the leadership of Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic, “Primary Immunoprevention of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.” This year she will be a 3-time attendee of GVC

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