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On our old website platform, we had our written content all spread out, which lead to people being confused on where to look for things as well as multiple posts of the same piece and other issues. With the development of this revamped website, using a new platform, we are so excited for the new capabilities and to have all of our written content housed in one area of the website… Therefore, WELCOME TO THE GRYT COMMUNITY HUB

Yes, you can just refer to it as “The Hub,” after all, we do! 

The Hub is fantastic. Not only will we be re-releasing almost all of our previous content, but we will begin regularly releasing NEW content from our community and team members as well as our Gryt Health partners! 

Our Community Hub now offers each visitor the opportunity to subscribe to post updates. If you do this, you will receive notifications when we publish new content so you will know when to come to check out what’s going on, as it is happening!

The new setup will also enable you to INTERACT with the posts! Immediately you will be able to easily share the posts on social media or send them by email to specific people. We are working out the details to be able to react and comment on the posts as well, so stay tuned!

We encourage everyone in our community to submit their health care experiences in writing or by video. We want to hear from all of you and have you included in what we do!

For those of you who may not be sure how to share your experiences or where to start, we will soon have some assistive resources available for you on the website. You are also welcome to schedule time with our Engagement Specialist, Liz Hiles. She is fun, open, and an extremely talented storyteller who will help you find your writing groove. 

In the meantime, we are absolutely excited and thrilled to launch our renovated website with the Community Hub and, coming soon, Gryt Lynk!

Keep coming back and checking us out!

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