Trey’s Brain Cancer Story

Trey Thompson

Trying to summarize a 4-year battle with brain cancer is harder than I thought. There are so many different experiences that one goes through when the time comes to “fighting the good fight.” I was a junior in college, just celebrated my first full year of marriage, and not to mention having a three-year-old who I let shave my head before my surgery. Every day of my cancer journey has made me who I am today and has helped solidify my passion for helping people who are met with this horrific disease. I sit back and look at my life; I now have a 7-year- old who just started 2nd grade and an almost 3-year-old, a wife who’s running for city council, and myself, halfway through an MSW degree. Three weeks ago, I received fantastic news; the tumor bed in my fourth ventricle is now completely clear and got moved to 6-month MRIs, bloodwork, etc.

GRYT is graduating from college during chemotherapy and pursuing a Master’s while cancer hangs around.

GRYT is digging deep to find your strengths in a time of weakness.

GRYT is using a diagnosis to build a new foundation for your life and your family.

GRYT is doing your homework at the hospital while you wait for the “all-day affair” of bloodwork, MRIs, and doctor’s appointments.

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