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I’d like to welcome everyone to the new website! There are some changes that you’re seeing, including a whole slew of new things. Let me explain why our team decided to create a new website identity.

Letting you know everything we do

This new website accurately depicts everything that Gryt Health is up to. We thought that the older version of our website wasn’t doing a good job of showcasing everything that our company is doing! So, we went back to the drawing board and designed a website experience that allowed everything to be tied together.

This means that we get to let people know about all of the terrific resources we provide to the community. We also have ongoing initiatives that we put out there, many of which are making huge strides in bringing to light conversations that should be happening. Additionally, we’re finally highlighting some of the services we provide to companies and organizations.

A new look

You’re probably familiar with our “Gryt purple” color we look to use. Well, we’re super excited to be still using it, but allowing some more freedom when it comes to gradients and pairing with some other colors we’ve wanted to look to use.

You also might see that we’re starting to let the first word of our company name begin to use standard capitalization (“Gryt”) instead of all-caps that you know (“GRYT”). These instances are intentional. Our team did some thinking about how the company name wants to be perceived online. Traditionally, when you see a word or words in all caps, IT FEELS LIKE SOMEONE IS YELLING AT YOU. We wanted to start experimenting with bringing it down a notch, so to speak, and start seeing how Gryt might be seen in a way that’s a bit softer.

This isn’t a 100% “we’re changing how our name looks” quite yet – we’re trying it in to see how it fits.

Lastly – we’re a company that is authentic, relentless, and together. As such, all of the imagery (or 99.9999% of it) that is on this website are pictures of the Gryt Health family or pictures taken by them. No stock! This may mean you could see an image or two that might not be truly high quality or the best angle shot. In our opinion, that’s a better image and experience than one taken from a stock website.

A new connection Lynk

We’re so excited to be building a new connection platform: Gryt Lynk! Think of this as an evolution of our existing app that we have. We’re building it to be the connection place for people who want to separate their online identify with their diagnosis identity, and is a safe and secure place to have discussions with others who “get it.” We’ll also be inviting organizations to have their own place to have their community continue to have conversations outside of virtual or in-person meetups and events.

We’re pumped and will be sharing peaks into how this is going as we continue building it out.

What do you think?

We know there could be some hiccups after transitioning to a website, so apologies for that in advance. If you have feedback, whether positive or negative, we’d love to hear about it. Ultimately, this website is for all of you – those who are experiencing a medical diagnosis, have a diagnosis and are living it, or are supporting someone with one. We want to ensure it’s easy to use, has what you’re looking for, and provides real value with the time you spend on it. You can use the contact form to let us know.

Thank you for being on this journey with us <3

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