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Gryt Team Member Stories

Choosing to Use Your Voice

6 months before she joined the Gryt Health team, Liz Hiles was a community member and submitted this piece about choosing to use your voice after a cancer diagnosis. This is her thoughts and her experience.

Gryt Team Member Stories

The Science of Living

Summer 2019 TedxRochester Talk “The Science of Living” given by Gryt Health Founder & CEO, David (Fuehrer) Craig. As Dave’s father always said, “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.”

Healthcare Topics

Ten Tips for a Chemotherapy Prep Checklist

Gryt Health Co-Founder, Board Chair APL survivor, and Author, Shelley Nolden, shares ten tips for what you need to have a comfortable, successful chemotherapy session.

Gryt Team Member Stories

The Cancer Caregiver: Who They Are & Common Misconceptions

Gryt Health team members, Christian and Lauren team up to share the Gryt Health Perspective on their experiences with their cancer caregivers. Christian’s wife was his primary caregiver and Lauren’s mom was her’s.

Jess, Lauren, and Chris at computers

Welcome to the Community Hub!

With the development of this revamped website, using a new platform, we are so excited for the new capabilities and to have all of our written content housed in one area of the website… Therefore, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY HUB.

Gryt Team Member Stories

Cancer Survivor Dave Craig on Leadership: Questions Are the New Answers

“When you get FDA approval, zero percent of that patient population knows that these treatments are an option,” Craig said. “It can take years to educate all of the physicians and medical teams. We’re helping to shorten that timeframe by providing people on our platform with information that’s relevant for their diagnosis.”

Tell Your Story

10 Things Worse Than Dying

The ineffable Ellis Emerson shares her poem, 10 Worse Things Than Dying, with us.


A Little Bit of Heaven

Jessica knew in her heart that she had cancer, but it was still a shock to actually hear the words come from her doctor’s mouth.

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