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Let’s Talk About Sex & Cancer Program Summary

Program summary for part 2 of our 4 part Mental Health Series for May 2022.
Program description: Let’s be honest, cancer changes people. Physically and mentally. Sometimes it can be really hard to give yourself permission to find pleasure, feel sexy, and give into intimacy. Learn from a fellow cancer survivor and sex therapist how to find pleasure after a diagnosis and reconnect to your most intimate self. Listening to and exploring your body is the first step in finding pleasure with yourself or with partners.


Gryt Health Involvement with a World Health Organization Initiative

The Rehabilitation 2030 Initiative is needed because globally, 1 in 3 people are living with a health condition that would benefit from rehabilitation. The needs are diverse and sometimes span lifetimes. These needs will continue to grow as the global population continues to age, living longer than ever before, and the number of people living with chronic conditions continues to increase. 

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