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Steffi’s Appendix Cancer Story

Steffi shares a bit about being diagnosed with appendix cancer and Lynch Syndrome. As a death doula, she has a unique perspective on facing her own mortality.


Somewhere Before & After: Schrödinger’s Cancer

Ellis defined the space between when you had testing and biopsies done and when you finally get results as Schrödinger’s Cancer. The Gryt Health team is republishing and resharing this piece on August 13, 2022, as we remember and honor Ellis’ life with a Virtual Celebration of Life. Ellis Emerson (1985-2022)

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Maria Farah’s Story

Breast cancer survivor Maria shares what Gryt Is as a person diagnosed at 28.

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Alyssa Reads Her Sister’s Obituary

Brooklyn is Alyssa’s twin sister. Brooklyn has a terminal cancer diagnosis and asked Alyssa to write her obituary. She read it for her at CancerCon 2019 at GRYT Health’s Tell Your Story event. Grab a box of kleenex…

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