Nadine’s Breast Cancer Story

Nadine Parsons

…And then cancer entered my life again. This time in my body. I thought having lost my mom as a teenager to colon cancer was going to prevent me from having to go through this because I would be more ‘on top of it’. At age 35 I had somehow fallen through the cracks. I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer in January of this year. I am ER / PR+ and HER2-. It’s amazing what being told you have stage four breast cancer can do to your mind…even more than your body. The emotions that come with feeling like there is a more imminent expiration date felt all too real those first few months. I knew I had to change my mindset immediately and I have never looked back! I decided that even though the cancer destroyed many vertebrae and put multiple fractures through my pelvis & sacrum that I was going to walk again. And I AM! I decided that I would not let this unwelcome visitor destroy my spirit or my health. I made changes to absolutely everything in my life. I know this process is still very new as I am only seven months into my diagnosis. BUT, I have already defied the odds in many ways. My diet is clean, my spirituality is confirmed & my support system is top-notch. I am even full of gratitude for my new perspective on life and the world as a whole. I have more empathy now and more love to give than I did before. I know I will live to a beautiful older lady who will share the good and the bad and with some damn awesome stories along the way.

GRYT is waking up every day and putting 100% effort into staying healthy and strong.

GRYT is telling cancer that I am pushing it out bit by bit every damn day.

GRYT is crying when crying feels like the only way my body can communicate with my mind.

GRYT is thanking my body every day for healing and working so hard.

GRYT is accepting this life and embracing the journey, regardless of the situation

You can connect with Nadine on social media: Instagram: @ThriveToShine

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