Fought Like a Girl and Won

10/01/2020 By Sophie Davies

In the throws of the first year of motherhood, a letter came in the post inviting me in for my smear test. I somehow managed to remember to book an appointment and attend… and thank god I did. 

About a week later I received another letter explaining that ‘abnormal cells’ were found. 

Fast forward a few weeks. After biopsies, blood tests and two MRI scans, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 29. 

“But I have an 8 month old baby” was the only response I could fathom. My heart broke. Not only for myself but for my partner and of course my darling Evelyn. Visions of her being bought up without me were crippling. 

Fortunately after further tests I was told it was treatable. And a massive positive was that I probably would not need chemo or radiotherapy. “Fantastic” I beamed. Then the words came “routine treatment for this type of cancer is a total hysterectomy”. 

Again a pang of sadness came over me. No brother or sister for Evelyn. No more children for us. 

Consumed by guilt for feeling sad. Knowing other women have an even harder cancer journey than the one I had been given. 

However. I was referred to a specialist who was willing to perform a fairly radical procedure called a trachelectomy. This was removal of the cervix and surrounding tissues and lymph nodes whilst preserving my fertility. 

I will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to me. I will always be grateful for the treatment I received. 

GRYT is coming to terms with motherhood whilst also dealing with cancer

GRYT is running 5k 11weeks after surgery to raise money for cancer research UK 

GRYT is appreciating everyday being cancer free and never forgetting the journey I have and will continue to be on. 

I had cervical cancer. I fought like a girl. I won.

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