Collaboration to Improve Bone Health Education Published in Cancer Management and Research

05/11/2021 By GRYT Health

Collaboration to Improve Bone Health Education Published in Cancer Management and Research

Direct from Patient Insights Highlight Gaps in Communication and Education Needs

Rochester, NY – May 11, 2021 – GRYT (“grit”) Health, a digital oncology company that empowers people to be in charge of their own health, in collaboration with Amgen, is proud to announce the recent publication of the paper “Assessment of Bone Health Education in U.S. Multiple Myeloma and Solid Tumor Patients at Risk for Skeletal-Related Events” in Cancer Management and Research.

The paper highlights findings from the Bone Health Education Needs Assessment (BEACON) Study, most notably, gaps in cancer-related bone health education in cancer patients at risk for skeletal-related events (SREs), indicating an important need for improved communication and education strategies to promote better health outcomes.

“The research conducted as part of the BEACON Study will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of bone health education,” said Darcy Flora, Ph.D., chief research officer at GRYT Health and lead author on the paper. “Our goals for this research were to identify education gaps to provide a foundation for future and meaningful discussions with patients, clinicians, and researchers regarding enhanced awareness of the ongoing medical need to ensure optimum bone health, improved quality of life and better health outcomes for patients.”

GRYT Health and Amgen co-created the BEACON Study to gather insight directly from patients with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma or bone metastasis from a solid tumor (breast, lung, or prostate cancer) within the past three years. These patients, who are at increased risk for painful, irreversible SREs, are candidates for bone targeting agents (BTAs) which help to delay or prevent SREs; however, previous studies report that a significant portion of eligible patients are not receiving BTA therapy.

Authors of the paper include: Darcy R. Flora, Ph.D., David C. Fuehrer, and Guy Boike, M.D. from GRYT Health and Benoit Cadieux, Ph.D., Katherine B. Carlson, Ph.D., Kimberly A. Lowe, Ph.D., and Jennifer Schenfeld, MPH, from Amgen, designed the study to help understand patient awareness of cancer-related bone health and to identify opportunities to improve bone health education in cancer patients at risk of SREs.

The online BEACON survey included questions about patient demographics, cancer diagnosis and treatments (including use of a BTA), and extent and satisfaction with bone health education received. Direct-to-patient outreach was used to recruit patients.

Of 125 patients, 57% had at least one prior SRE and 74% were currently receiving BTA therapy. Awareness of cancer bone health, protection strategies, and screening tests, however, was low to moderate and patients were least informed of the impact of lifestyle changes (38%) and specific cancer treatments (≤35%) on bone health. Additionally, 62% of patients were not completely satisfied with the bone health education they received. Patients generally wanted more information and to receive information by more than one mode of communication.

In addition to the BEACON Study, GRYT Health conducts a variety of patient experience research projects with trusted partners. Through The GRYT Project, patients, survivors and caregivers can opt-in to receive notice of research relevant opportunities, and in this way, use their voice to advance science. Participants in research projects are always kept informed of how their data will be shared, who is sponsoring the project and, if approved by the research sponsor, outcomes of the research.


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