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Meet Cathy Traz and Dave Craig. Connecting Patient Advocacy Organizations in an Innovative Virtual Approach

From The Research Evangelist podcast, meet Cathy Traz and Dave Craig. Cathy is Executive Director, Patient Advocacy at Bristol Myers Squibb. In this role, Cathy leads patient advocacy at BMS, developing and advocating company positions on priority issues to maximize patient access and promoting a strong climate of innovation and the value of innovative medicines, working with advocacy organizations and other key stakeholders.

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Reclaiming Your Body & Confidence Program Summary

The program summary for Reclaiming Your Body & Confidence, part 1 of 4 from our Mental Health Series.
Program description: Cancer can make you feel as though you have been robbed of the body you once felt very at home in and leave many feeling completely disconnected from themselves. While this is incredibly common in the cancer community, there is still very little done to address it. Join us for a presentation from a member of First Descents to talk about their approach to bringing survivors back to themselves for over 20 years now. First Descents is a non-profit dedicated to serving the AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) cancer community. This presentation will include an activity to get you thinking about your relationship to your body as a survivor and how you can start improving that relationship.

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Rachel Mihalko writes poetry to express the hard-to-express when it comes to cancer. Here’s her poem: STUCK.

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