In August of 2017 I was officially diagnosed with stage II triple positive breast cancer at age 29. I say officially because I had discovered a lump months before, and with such a strong family history of cancer I just knew.

August 2017, I went in for a mammogram where they found a 3cm tumor. I waited until August to finally go in for testing because like most people in their 20s, I was busy. Busy with work, busy with school, and busy with having a social life. I was too busy for my health until I finally started feeling too tired to function and that’s when I knew it was time to check out the inevitable.

My biggest fear in all of this was losing my hair. I knew what chemotherapy could mean for that until I discovered cold capping, something that was life changing for me.

Even after being told that they didn’t work and being met with a lot of negativity surrounding cold capping, I pursued them anyway.

I endured 6 rounds of chemotherapy and saved my hair. During those 6 months of treatment I found it so difficult to find information about capping and connect with others that were capping to exchange information and get advice, so I had the idea to create a support group.

On January 9th 2018, right after I completed my 4th chemo cycle I formed the online support group, Chemotherapy Cold Cappers and the group has impacted over 600 brave women world-wide and continues to grow.

In March 2018 after my bilateral mastectomy I was declared NED, I had a complete pathological response to chemotherapy, it was the best news I had ever heard.

Today I am feeling great. I completed my immunotherapy in August of 2018, and now I’m just focusing on building my body back up. I am devoted to being an advocate for cold capping and helping others that are interested in this amazing technology.

I found strength in helping others and I’m firm in believing that it is what got me through such a difficult time in my life. It gave me a new sense of hope and purpose in life.

GRYT is bravery. It is entering a giant world of unknowns and keeping your head high and weathering the storm.

GRYT is tenacity. It is pushing forward even when it seems that it will be a lifetime before the worst is over.

GRYT is determination. It is turning positives out of negatives and having a whole new outlook and purpose in life.

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