Get the scoop on what to expect and who’s moderating!

Join us on November 28th at 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 6pm PT for a LIVE conversation on Parenting with Cancer. Read below about our moderators, Christian and Brandie, two young adult cancer survivors who were both parents at time of their diagnosis. You can be part of the dialogue in the AppChat Discussion Room, located on the Stupid Cancer App which is free to download for both Apple and Android.

What we’ll be chatting about:

  • Staying engaged when you’re not feeling well
  • How cancer can / does affect your parenting style
  • How to tell your kids!
  • Discussing both mental and physical changes.
  • How to explain what cancer is.
  • Resources for parents

Christian and his wife in the hospital, 2017

Meet Christian!

Parenting is a daily challenge. Parenting while facing a cancer diagnosis, going through treatment, or a survivorship phase is even more of a challenge. What it has taught me is to appreciate my kids in every way possible and to make the most of every interaction with them.

Meet Brandie!

I’m just going to be brutally honest here. Parenting through my cancer diagnosis and treatment pretty much sucked. There is just no sugar coating it.

Often, even today, I feel incredible guilt for getting this cancer that has changed my children’s lives so drastically. Activities they had to stop participating in, places I couldn’t take them to, too many days spent inside watching TV because mom was too sick to take them anywhere. Days where everything felt overwhelming and I never felt like I was mom enough because of all the things I couldn’t do.

And yet, there were some days that were so amazing. Days where everything felt right (even if it wasn’t). Times where snuggling together with my kids and talking and laughing and just having fun made me forget we had to snuggle in bed because I was too sore to get out of it! All the times my children’s kindness to me went above and beyond. So many times I would think how did my kids, who share my DNA, figure out how to be so kind? I saw love and compassion just pouring out of them. You know that feeling when you see your child do something, even a simple thing, that just takes your breath away and makes you think my kid is the best person to ever walk the planet?!

Some point it just hit me: parenting with cancer is like parenting without cancer, except for the whole cancer thing. Is that clear as mud?

But here’s what I mean. With cancer, some days were hard and some easy. Just like before cancer. With cancer, some days I yelled too much and some days I could almost pass for Mary Poppins. Just like before cancer. With cancer, some days I didn’t do enough and some days I did it all. Just like before cancer. With cancer, some days we cried a lot, some days we laughed a lot, some days we did both. Just like before cancer.

This isn’t to downplay the role cancer has played in our lives, because it was a big one, but, it does make me feel more “normal” as a parent. Some days are good and some aren’t.

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