By Aerial Donovan, GRYT Program Director

The saying, New year, New Me has been everywhere lately, whether on social media, news stories, or even Hulu! And we’re putting our own spin on it. New year, old app, new name. We’ve had a facelift (with the help of some really bright, bold colors)! Same app. New name. Our name. GRYT.

GRYT?? That’s… an unusual name. What’s it mean?

Grit is a character trait that so many facing cancer or other chronic diseases have no choice but to embody. It can be hard to maintain grit alone. That’s why there is no “I” in our version of GRYT. We work together, building relationships that fuel users to maintain their grit and to make choices that are right for them.

It’s also the same team comprised of cancer survivors and caregivers running things behind the curtain before we decided to get colorful with our logo. Which means, we’ve been there and we’re dedicated to making sure that information is not a luxury, but an undeniable right.

Our team and the GRYT community are authentic and relentless, and together, we are working to make sure no one ever has to suffer this journey alone.

Cool! So what does this mean for me?

The GRYT community will always promote a culture of inclusion and equality, where everyone is respected for the experience they bring, where authenticity and openness are revered, and where our collective voice and choice matter.

Just like before, we’re still a completely free app, available to download for iOS and Android. Anyone is welcome to download it, whether you’re a friend, family member, survivor, patient, caregiver, medical professional. Cancer affects so many people, and no matter your role, you can find a place on the app to connect with others.

Unlike other apps, which are largely funded by venture capital firms in the U.S. and China that sell patient data to pharmaceutical companies, GRYT is the first social community that is funded, built, and run by patients and caregivers. Users communicate anonymously in real-time and each person is 100% in charge of what happens with their data.

We follow industry standards and best practices in data privacy and protection and our database cannot be accessed directly from the Internet. Not sure what that means? Check out this blog post from our Chairwoman, Shelley. She’s trying to schluff off a few holiday pounds and realized how tricky privacy policies are among health apps, which is why we’ve made ours really easy to understand. Easier than losing five pounds, anyway.

What’s next?

We’ve got some exciting things in the works. You won’t want to miss it. Keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming announcements.

In the meantime, you can keep up with what’s on the calendar for events happening in the GRYT app. I invite you to check out the many programs that all take place in house on the app. Whether it’s contributing a piece for writing group or chatting in movie club, or maybe it’s timidly joining New User Night, any user is welcome to attend. AppChats are a great way to enter a general conversation as a stranger, seeking more information and leaving with some new friends and a community that understands. Plus, you’ll get to hang out with me, Aerial, GRYT Program Director.

Until then, I’ll see you on the GRYT app! You can find us in that tiny square on your phone. We’re the ones with the really bright and loud splash of color. Kinda like our community. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re feeling curious, our website got a fresh coat of paint too. So, while you’re there, feel free to poke around.

Because who doesn’t love a fresh coat of paint?

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