March 2022 Program: Demystifying Integrative Oncology

The world of integrative medicine may be new to us, but many therapies in this evidence-informed field have their roots in the traditional healing systems of ancient cultures. The Society for Integrative Oncology works to integrate these practices into today’s conventional cancer care. Join us as we explore the topic and practice, together, some tools we can use every day.

Happening March 28 at 7pm Eastern via Zoom with an expected runtime of 1.5 hours.

This program made possible by our GVCC21 Founding Partner, Bristol Myers Squibb, with special thanks to the Society for Integrative Oncology.

Integrative oncology program

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The engaging and informative speakers for this session

Elizabeth Bullock

Elizabeth Bullock, MT-BC (Board Certified Music Therapist)

Seidman Cancer Center, University Hospitals Connor Whole Health

Liz (Elizabeth) is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Liz also participates in outreach efforts through her work with Roots of American Music. Liz received her Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Cleveland State University where she studied as a Voice primary. Drawing on her love of music and working with the public, Liz is currently a Music Therapist at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.

Liz’s LinkedIn

Santosh Rao

Santosh Rao, MD, ABOIM (American Board of Integrative Medicine)

Medical Director of Integrative Medicine and Supportive Oncology, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Santosh is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Medical Oncology, and he serves as the Medical Director of Integrative Medicine and Supportive Oncology at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. His research projects include efforts to elucidate the role of symptom relief from acupuncture, cost effectiveness of inpatient integrative therapies and pain management, as well as art therapy for cognition. Santosh serves as the SIO President-Elect and is the Conference Chair for this year’s SIO 19th International Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. He also hosts the popular Integrative Oncology Talk podcast and video cast.

Sam Rodgers-Melnick

Sam Rodgers-Melnick, MT-BC (Board Certified Music Therapist)

Integrative Health Research & Data Specialist, University Hospitals Connor Whole Health

Sam is an Integrative Health Research & Data Specialist for University Hospitals Connor Whole Health in Cleveland, OH, where he works to advance research investigating the role of integrative therapies throughout the health system. For eight years, Sam provided music therapy services at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and conducted a series of research studies investigating the role of music therapy in pain management among patients with hematologic and oncologic conditions.

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Desiree A. H. Walker

Desirée A. H. Walker

Patient Research Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Health Equity Champion

Coming soon!

Frequently asked questions about integrative oncology as well as this program

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The Society of Integrative Oncology website states that integrative oncology is “… a patient-centered, evidence-informed field of cancer care that utilizes mind and body practices, natural products, and/or lifestyle modifications from different traditions alongside conventional cancer treatments.” 

For further reading, you can read A Comprehensive Definition for Integrative Oncology here.

The National Cancer Institute’s Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine website lists the following centers:

  • M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Complementary/Integrative Medicine
    Education Resources (CIMER)
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Zakim Center for Integrated Therapies
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering


Link to the OCCAM web page for more information

Two of the session speakers work at University Hospitals Connor Whole Health which has a fantastic article that outlines what music therapy is and how it is beneficial. You can find that resource here. Some of the main takeaways of benefits mentioned in the article include:

  • Pain management
  • Inspiration for self-reflection
  • Ability to aid in distraction during uncomfortable medical procedures
  • Stress reduction

Our speakers will be asking program participants to help construct song lyrics for a music therapy demonstration as well as guiding attendees on how to use acupressure on one’s hands.

Why attend Gryt Health programs?

Leah and Dan at computer

Interactive and engaging

Gryt programs don’t follow the kind of typical Zoom “talk at you” structure. Our speakers are encouraged to allow viewer participation to help dictate discussion. Additionally, two interactive elements that will showcase exercises will be shown during this specific program!

Inclusive-first program design

All of our Zoom programs are carefully crafted to ensure everyone can participate. For this Demystifying Integrative Oncology program, interactive elements that will be shown are designed for maximum accessibility for everyone in the community.