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Created for you by cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers like you

The Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC) is the original digital cancer conference developed to meet you where you are. Read on to get an idea of why this annual conference is our pinnacle event.

Why should you attend GVCC?

GVCC is a dynamic and measurable model of engagement and experience insights to engage and benefit patients, survivors and caregivers in a highly effective way. 

Cancer affects everyone – the young and old, the rich and poor, men, women, and children. We have all been touched by cancer, whether personally, or through family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues. Cancer does not discriminate, nor should the system in place that aims to fight it.

Together, we will solve the most pressing problems facing people affected by cancer and expand the dialogue around how we can create a new paradigm of trust and respect – where everyone’s ideas and experiences matter.

GVCC will always be a virtual event!

GVCC was started with the fact in mind that many cancer patients, survivors, and family members are unable to travel for a variety of reasons – physical, financial, logistics, etc. – so Gryt Health wanted to meet them exactly where they are! Whether it be from their home, car, porch, or hospital bed.

Therefore, GVCC was virtual BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic and it will always and forever remain a virtual event so that it is accessible to more people.

In 2019, we held the inaugural conference. Beginning that year and since annually, we bring together thousands of collective voices from patients, survivors, caregivers, non-profits, healthcare providers, hospital systems, and biotech/pharma professionals from across the globe. Each year, we continue to evolve programming and connection based on feedback.

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