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Over 40 years old and still dealing with complex cancer feelings?

Join us for an authentic, comfortable, and completely candid conversation about your thoughts and feelings on aging out of the adolescents and young adults (AYA) cancer community. 

Putting people, rather than disease, at the heart of research and innovation to advance science.

We are improving outcomes for all people facing a diagnosis through a relentless focus on patient experience.

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Top Tips for Dealing with Holiday Blues

Many people deal with the holiday blues, including several of our team members! The Gryt Health team came together to create this piece with some of our favorite tips and tricks for dealing with the Holiday Blues!

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Connect to feel heard valued respected informed

Our community platform and app allows patients, survivors, caregivers, and others in need of support to connect 1:1 as well as communicate in chat rooms. Additionally, Vivibot, our mental health chatbot, is also found on the platform. 

Education for the future

Attend our ongoing virtual event conference sessions that put patients first, by bringing together patients, medical experts, and pharma in ways never before experienced.

Advocacy to improve outcomes for all people

We can help you realize that patient voice provides representative patient experience in all new treatments so that everyone diagnosed has the same chance of a positive outcome.

Discover upcoming programs, webinars and meet ups hosted by Gryt Health and our partners, designed and selected to meet you where you are in your diagnosis.

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The heart behind Gryt Health

The Gryt Health team is made up of patients, survivors, caregivers, providers, researchers, advocates, and supporters.

We care because we’ve been there.

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