Claire, at the 2018 CancerCon Steering Committee Retreat

GRYT is getting diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 3 days before your 18th birthday, and less than two months before your high school graduation. It is attending college anyway, against the recommendations of some, and completing treatments in the morning before classes start.

GRYT is gaining 60 pounds from steroids and still loving yourself. It is about adjusting to and accepting your new normal.

GRYT is getting treatment at a children’s hospital and seven years of follow up care, as an adult. It is waiting in a room full of small children and having doctors ask where your child is. It is doing follow up care at an “adult clinic” surrounded by geriatric patients giving you a pity stare-saying that you’re too young to be here.

GYRT is knowing no other people who have gone through this and discovering a community 5 years later. It is signing up for CancerCon, and joining the steering committee to give back to make sure no one has to go through cancer alone.