GRYT is getting diagnosed with breast cancer exactly 26 days after your doctor told you that you were completely healthy.

GRYT is telling your 5, 8, and 11-year-old you have cancer.

GRYT is continuing to homeschool them through treatment to try to keep things as normal for them as possible.

GRYT is getting out of bed, even on the hard days.

GRYT is living with chronic pain.

GRYT is 6 years later when you are somehow both weaker and stronger.

GRYT is paying it forward by becoming your grandmother’s caretaker.

GRYT is being a wife, mother, granddaughter, friend, writer, and over-sharer on social media even when the fatigue is still kicking your butt.

GRYT is telling your story so others feel less alone.

GRYT is staying in bed because you need a rest day.

And GRYT is being your true self, no matter what life throws at you!