GRYT Health FAQs

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This app is for anyone, anywhere, who has been affected by any cancer. Whether you are a patient, survivor, caregiver, friend, advocate, or medical professional, we’re here to make cancer suck less for you and those you care about.

Yes, you can join from anywhere!

Version 1.0 of the GRYT app will work on iPhone 5S and later iPhone models, running iOS 10.

Certainly. Just go to your Settings menu to change your email address. You’ll need to verify your new email before we let you talk to anyone, though. (You know, to make sure you’re still you.)

Of course! Go to your Settings menu to change your password at any time. (You’ll need to enter your current password first in order to create a new one, though.)

You wouldn’t want to miss out on GRYT Health news, would you? But, if you must, you can opt out of GRYT Health emails in your Settings menu. Just tap the gear icon at the top of your profile screen, and then turn off the “GRYT Health Emails” toggle.

GRYT Health wants to make sure you never miss a message. An unread message indicator will appear on the app’s icon and, as long as you allow push notifications in your device settings, you’ll get a notification any time you receive a new direct message. This will happen even if you don’t have the app open at that time. In addition to this, when you’re in the app’s homepage, you’ll see a blue dot over the ‘messages’ icon (bottom left of your screen) whenever you have an unread direct message.

Yes. Your chats with other users are anonymous unless you choose to share identifying personal information with an individual with whom you are privately chatting. What is discussed within your private chats with other users will always remain private between you and the person you’re chatting with. Participating in group chats means others will be able to see your chats. Please remember that when commenting.

The app uses a customized algorithm to match you with the people who are most similar to you, based on the personal information you provide. Your top matches will be other app users who are closest to you in age and who gave the same answers to these three statements/questions: “tell us why you’re here”; “what was the primary diagnosis”; “what stage was the diagnosis”. The more information you choose to share (e.g. treatment stage and ZIP code,) the more targeted your matches will be.

GRYT Health will never track private conversations. Anonymous usage statistics are maintained to increase app performance and stability.

GRYT Health wants to protect your privacy and ensure the anonymity of all app users. We will never show your last name, or your email address, to anyone in the app. (Whether or not you share this information in your messages to other users is up to you.)

GRYT Health wants to protect your privacy and ensure the anonymity of all app users. In lieu of adding a personal profile picture, users can choose from any of our ready-made avatars to represent themselves.

Don’t you hate it when someone just won’t stop bugging you, even though you don’t want to talk to them? So do we. That’s why we only let you send one message to another user at first, but as soon as they respond to you, you can chat freely!