November 12th, 2020
Taking Action to Correct Health Inequities

12:00-1:30pm (ET)
Dave Fuehrer
John Damonti
Steven Kramer
Patricia (Patti) Mae Doykos PhD
Kristen D. Krause PhD, MPH
Kemi Osundina PharmD, MS
Perry N. Halkitis PhD, MS, MPH
Anthonise Fields

The pandemic has brought the topic of health inequalities to the forefront of people’s minds across the globe. We live in an era where technology has made healthcare more available than ever before, and yet we struggle to deliver fair and equitable care to those who need it most. Now we have a chance to reassess and correct systemic imbalances in our health systems. What will we do with this opportunity? What steps need to be taken to eliminate disparities in access and treatment outcomes?