Breast Cancer Meetup

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we will be hosting a special meetup on a breast cancer topic of your choice (see options during registration).

Taking Action to Correct Health Inequities

We live in an era where technology has made healthcare more available than ever before, and yet we struggle to deliver fair and equitable care to those who need it most. Now we have a chance to reassess and correct systemic imbalances in our health systems. What will we do with this opportunity? What steps need to be taken to eliminate disparities in access and treatment outcomes?

The Global Virtual Cancer Conference

Empower yourself through connection, education and advocacy.

We are proud to continue GVCC this year, November 13-14, 2020, and offer two days of programming that will include information, resources and advancements in the quest for cures. Sessions will focus on empowering you to find and use your voice and the difference you can make, as well as solutions you can employ to improve your quality of life today!

Learning from Real Examples of Advocacy in Action

Let's take a step back. It's the end of a year unlike any we could have imagined! However, in the midst of the disruption and disaster wrought by COVID, the advocacy community has accomplished some great things. Join us on December 10th as we take stock of the year by discussing the accomplishments that did happen and consider what more we can do in 2021!