As part of my senior project while studying Entrepreneurship at Central Michigan University, I got the chance to meet two people that I had no idea would become such a big part of my life.

The first person I met was a Fashion Merchandising and Technology graduate, Sue, who I would collaborate on this class project with. The second was breast cancer survivor, Jodie Faber. With my grandma being a survivor herself, I was interested in hearing Jodie’s story. She told Sue and I about how she had hoped that, after her double mastectomy, her prosthetic reconstruction would help her feel normal again.

Unfortunately for Jodie, she was instead met with a horrible side effect that causes her chest to be cold and uncomfortable, constantly reminding her that she had breast cancer. Her doctors told her to put hand warmers in her bra… which led to burns and she knew there had to be something better. Finding nothing that would help Jodie feel comfortable, the idea for the Thermal Bra was born.

Sue and I, spent hours and hours talking to Jodie and researching the problem online. We found that Jodie is not alone in her battles millions of women suffer from this side effect just like Jodie.

My life has not been the same since. My middle-school friend, Haley joined the team, and together we founded Elemental, with the mission that we help women everywhere feel beautiful, comfortable, and WARM.

Sue, Haley, and I have worked for over two years to find a REAL solution for women with reconstruction. So we developed a bra that is completely wireless, with soft fabrics, a unique cup shape, and will keep women warm.

The first bra we made was hand-sewn and made specifically for Jodie. Then we knew we had take it to the next level. Now, we are working hard
get the Thermal Bra in the hands of Thrivers everywhere.

GRYT is not just surviving but THRIVING.
GRYT is Embracing the Elements.
GRYT is living life un-restricted by the cold.
GRYT is not settling for an “okay” bra.



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