Gryt Health’s Commitment to Valuing the Diversity of All Humans.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) principles are embedded within the fiber of our company’s culture. Our commitment to these principles create  an authentic way for us to both value and embrace all humans and guides us in how we work with each other, our community and our clients. 

DE&I principles are considered during budgeting, hiring, program building and technology integration. We consider DE&I our competitive advantage over other companies that have not fully embraced it. 

Our hiring practices remove many socioeconomic barriers in order to provide greater access to underserved communities. A key advantage for our company is our virtual, remote set-up which allows access to our company from anywhere in the country. We provide funding to ensure that everyone we hire has all their equipment and office needs met to eliminate any disparities.  From an equity perspective, we have also removed degree requirements for most jobs to improve access for candidates who were not able to attend college.   

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is also a key part of our service offerings to pharma and biotech companies, including our Diversity in Oncology signature program with BMS, which provides a spotlight on having diversity in all aspects of the healthcare system (    
We are also proud of our Improving Health Equity in Lung Cancer marquis program with Takeda which identifies barriers to care from the people experiencing them ands co-creates new pathways towards optimum care.