May 28, 2019

GRYT Health Hosts Inaugural 2019 Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC19) to Drive Collaboration and Improve Cancer-Related Outcomes and Experiences

 ~ First Conference of Its Kind to Bring Together Patients, Survivors, Caregivers, Non-Profits, Healthcare Providers, Hospital Systems and Industry Professionals ~

~ ’Everyone’s Experience Matters’ Theme Aims to Make the Ideas and Experiences of People Impacted by Cancer Central to Future Healthcare Innovation, Legislation and Decision-Making ~

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 28, 2019 – GRYT Health (“GRYT”), an award-winning, mobile app-based social community for people affected by cancer, today announced it will host the first-ever Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC19) on October 5, 2019. GVCC19 will give patients, caregivers, advocates and healthcare decision makers from around the globe a “hands-on” opportunity to collaborate towards creating a new patient-centric framework, through a full-day of interactive virtual sessions hosted on the GRYT digital platform. The conference aims to elevate the voices of those who have been profoundly impacted by cancer, to ensure their critically important and valuable ideas and experiences are central to future healthcare innovations, legislation and decisions.

"Traditionally, treatment decisions have been made without fully considering the patient and caregiver perspectives. When I was diagnosed with cancer twice in my twenties, I remember how anxious and overwhelmed I felt, constantly wondering if I was making the right decisions – if these were really my only options,” said David Fuehrer, CEO of GRYT Health. “Through the Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC19), we are creating a level playing field where everyone in the cancer community is able to work together towards improving the experiences of people facing cancer today and developing solutions that make healthcare and information more accessible to patients and caregivers.”

Leading companies, non-profits, patient advocates and influencers including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Family Reach will be providing expert insights, case studies, and keynotes focused on patient-centered drug development, clinical trials, psycho-social issues and quality of life. Through GVCC19, patients and caregivers will have a platform to share their ideas and experiences on the topics that are most important to them.

“We look forward to collaborating with GRYT Health and engaging with patients and caregivers in a new way through GVCC19,” said Cathy Trzaskawka, head, global advocacy at Bristol-Myers Squibb. “Patients are at the center of everything we do and by focusing on their needs, and the needs of their families, we maintain a sense of urgency that drives us to work smarter and faster. Our patients know their life and their goals better than anyone else, so engaging them at the right time, with the right content, and on the right platform will allow us to use those insights to create more solutions for those facing serious disease with limited or no options.”

GVCC19 will be hosted on the GRYT app and a desktop virtual platform for a full-day of live, interactive programming. GVCC19 offers a way for everyone to participate in and enjoy the same benefits of a physical conference, without the travel and expense that can often place a significant burden on people dealing with cancer.

“Many families facing cancer are confronted with financial barriers that force them to make dangerous choices, such as whether to pay for treatment, transportation or child care. GVCC19 provides our families with a unique opportunity to connect with others and gain access to important information without the added burden of travel and expense,” said Carla Tardif, CEO of Family Reach. "We are thrilled to partner with GRYT Health and to be a part of GVCC19 to help bring attention and support to the millions of families who are struggling financially simply because they are trying to care for themselves or a family member.“


At the 2019 Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC19), patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and industry leaders will lead interactive discussions on topics that are changing the future of cancer care. Through virtual sessions hosted on GRYT’s platform, conference attendees will address topics critical to improving patient equality in cancer care and collaborating to understand and solve for the issues most important to the cancer community. A specific focus will be placed on patient-centered drug development, access, clinical trials, psycho-social issues and quality of life.

GVCC19 is committed to improving the way healthcare consumers learn about and interact with brands whose values align with theirs; not just in managing disease, but in living their lives. To reflect this, GVCC19 participants will have the opportunity to engage with brands and their content through an interactive virtual exhibit hall. Participants are also encouraged to visit the GVCC19 “Virtual Clinical Trial Fair” where participants can learn more about clinical trials that may be appropriate for them. To learn more or register for GVCC19, please visit


GRYT Health is an award-winning, social community and research platform founded by cancer survivors and caregivers. Through GRYT’s technology, people affected by cancer are able to connect to others with similar experiences, access information that is tailored to their specific needs/diagnosis and collaborate with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to provide insights that help these firms improve quality of care.

GRYT’s community of patients, survivors, medical professionals, researchers and advocates, extending across all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 100 countries worldwide, have participated in almost one million interactions to date. The company's research initiative, The GRYT Project, bridges the communication gap that has traditionally prevented the cancer community and industry from optimizing care through an equal partnership. GRYT values and partners with socially-conscious brands and brand experiences that inspire people to live according to their own standards. The company is headquartered in Rochester, NY. For more information, please visit To download the app, please visit join The GRYT Project, please visit

Vikki Christian

May 16, 2019

GRYT Health Announces Formation of Advisory Board

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 16, 2019 – GRYT Health (“GRYT”), an award-winning, mobile app-based social community for people affected by cancer, today announced the formation of its advisory board to provide strategic counsel as the Company continues to execute its business strategy. 

“Together, we are moving healthcare forward with GRYT. I am honored to assemble this advisory board of outstanding individuals with exceptional track records as changemakers in each of their respective fields,” said Dave Fuehrer, CEO of GRYT Health. “Their extensive experience working with the cancer community will serve as a great resource to the GRYT team as we grow our business. These healthcare disruptors have made a significant impact on our industry and their guidance and contributions will be invaluable to furthering GRYT’s mission of connecting people affected by cancer with each other and to information that empowers them to live on their own terms.”

GRYT’s new strategic advisors include:

  • Catherine Benedict, Ph.D.: Research Advisor. Catherine is a licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral science researcher, specializing in adolescent and young adult cancer survivorship. She is an assistant professor within the Stanford University School of Medicine and works within the Stanford Cancer Institute to build clinical programs addressing cancer survivorship needs. Broadly, the goal of her work is to improve cancer survivorship through a better understanding of survivors’ long-term difficulties, unmet needs, and preferences for support, and through the development of evidence-based patient resources and interventions. This research has been funded by the National Cancer Institute. Another aspect of Catherine’s work aims to improve clinicians’ and researchers’ engagement with patients to guide clinical and research initiatives that respect and reflect the preferences and priorities of the young adult cancer community. Catherine is also a board member to Stupid Cancer, volunteer and grant reviewer for The Samfund, and advisory council member for the Alliance for Fertility Preservation.
  • Terry Cross: Veteran Angel investor and entrepreneur. While Terry has served on many boards over the years, his current board memberships include: RealKidz; PureEntropy as Chairman; MIST Innovations as Chairman; and Monarch Antenna, a Delphi Corp. spinout. Terry serves as the first Executive in Residence for Entrepreneurship at The School of Business Administration at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, where he administers the prestigious Adams Entrepreneurial Fellowship and received the 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award. Terry was a co-founder of Sonoma Photonics, which was eventually sold to Lockheed-Martin. He was a founding investor in three startups from MIT’s tech transfer department and served on MIT’s Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity. In September of 2007, he was named to the Task Force for A World Financial Center by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Since 2002, he has mentored over 50 company founders in Southeast Michigan and has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs raise in excess of $100 million of capital funding.
  • Ty Curran: Chairman of Harrison & Star and Biolumina. In his current role, Ty leads and motivates a growing team that always gives 110 percent to its clients. And, like a chief of surgery who’d rather be in the OR than behind a desk, Ty enjoys nothing better than immersing himself in a strategic challenge – and helping a client score a victory for the brand. Prior to Harrison & Star, Ty was Managing Director at NCI Communications. In his career, Ty has helped build brands and portfolios for Genentech, Roche, Novartis, Merck, Aventis, and Gilead. Ty has extensive oncology experience working on brands such as Avastin, Taxotere, Erivedge, Zelboraf, Zometa, Herceptin, and Femara. He is also on the National Advisory Board for the Family Reach Foundation.
  • Ellis Emerson: Ellis is a mother, runner, and cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma in October 2017, right after her 32nd birthday. After her diagnosis, Ellis did not want to let one second of her life get away from her. In a little over a year, Ellis had thrown the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, went cliff jumping in Puerto Rico, took a flying lesson in Iceland, and learned white water kayaking in New Zealand. In July of 2018, she ran 135 miles across Death Valley California as part of the Badwater Ultramarathon, often considered one of the world’s most challenging races. Ellis believes that “our experiences, while unique, are not different.” Sharing our stories is what brings people together and a community makes all the difference. Ellis shares her personal story to help others on her website,
  • Shwen Gwee: Co-Founder and General Manager/Head of Open Innovation, Novartis Biome. Shwen is a recognized pioneer in digital strategy and innovation within the biopharma industry who was named a Top 40 “Healthcare Transformer” by MM&M in 2015 and a PR Week and MM&M "Health Influencer 50" in 2017 & 2018. He sits on various advisory boards, including Google (Healthcare), SXSW (Health), MM&M Healthcare Transformers, conversationHEALTH and the Digital Health Coalition. Shwen is regularly featured in industry publications and speaking events and chairs the Social Innovation Day for the Digital Pharma Series. In 2017, he spoke on Innovation in Healthcare at the prestigious Cannes Lions Health festival. Shwen is very involved in the health tech startup community; he organizes and participates in several startup boot camps and pitch contests, and plays an active role running healthcare hackathons as part of the MIT Hacking Medicine team.
  • Kathleen Griffin: Executive Director, Customer & Digital Engagement at Syneos. At Syneos, Kate identifies opportunities to harness data and technology to improve clinical trial execution and commercial success. She monitors the digital health environment, support business development efforts and looks for ways to partner across the organization. Prior to her strategic business role, she served as an Executive Director at INC Research and was responsible for IT strategy, communication and business relationship management. Kate was a founder of AVOS Life Sciences, a management consulting firm in the biopharmaceutical industry. Her industry experience includes holding several strategic development roles at Quintiles Transnational and efforts supporting pharmaceutical practice initiatives at IBM’s Wilkerson Group.
  • Kamala Maddali, DVM Ph.D.: Dr. Maddali is a global precision medicine executive with deep healthcare experience at large global companies including Merck and Co, Quintiles, Quest Diagnostics, and Cancer Genetics. As an ongoing warrior with multiple sclerosis, Dr. Maddali’s vision is to “educate global communities with hope from science and innovation,” which she hopes will foster awareness towards precision treatments and early disease diagnosis and prevention. She is a board member for several U.S. patient advocacy organizations and serves as an executive advisor for healthcare technology companies focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain genomics, nutraceuticals, bioinformatics, and biomarker driven drug targets. Dr. Maddali was the recipient of the 2016 NJBiz Healthcare Heroes Finalist Award and in 2019, she was awarded “Women Empowerment in Healthcare” by North American Indian Association for her contributions to innovation in healthcare.


GRYT Health is an award-winning, social community and research platform founded by cancer survivors and caregivers. Through GRYT’s technology, people affected by cancer are able to connect to others with similar experiences, access information that is tailored to their specific needs/diagnosis and collaborate with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to provide insights that help these firms improve quality of care.

GRYT’s community of patients, survivors, medical professionals, researchers and advocates, extending across all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 100 countries worldwide, have participated in almost one million interactions to date. The company's research initiative, The GRYT Project, bridges the communication gap that has traditionally prevented the cancer community and industry from optimizing care through an equal partnership. GRYT values and partners with socially-conscious brands and brand experiences that inspire people to live according to their own standards. The company is headquartered in Rochester, NY. For more information, please visit To download the app, please visit join The GRYT Project, please visit


Vikki Christian

January 6, 2019

Ashley’s Story of GRYT

Three years ago, my entire world changed…

I made my way to Miami for a second opinion on a leg injury from my car accident 5 months prior. At this point I was unable to walk, but was FULLY expecting my diagnosis to be a torn meniscus and a Baker’s cyst. I told myself “all I need is surgery and then this will be behind me”.

I will never forget the shock and emotion I felt on 11/11/15. My MRI scan showed something was very wrong. That big white blob? Ya, in a “normal” leg, it’s not supposed to be there. That large glowing mass was all tumor. Active Aggressive Fibromatosis of the left popliteal fossa. Complete with strangled artery, that if not treated NOW, could end in amputation. 
The LAST possibility in my mind was cancer. “I need a biopsy, why?”, “I’m sorry, I have what?”, “What does aggressive mean?”, “I need 24 weekly rounds of CHEMOTHERAPY?” — I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong person, car accidents don’t cause cancer!

After two rounds of chemotherapy and relearning to walk through physical therapy, I walked into my orthopedic surgeon’s office last month for the determination on whether or not I would continue with chemo, or be done for now. All I heard was “decreased vascularity”, “increased collagen”, ”the tumor is so dense it’s absorbing all the waves”. These comments were soon followed by cheers and thumbs-up from all 8 doctors and nurses. My tumor responded well to the treatment, and it was his recommendation to stop chemo.

Cancer doesn’t take a break. It’s been on my mind every day for three years. It’s an everyday choice to fight. I’ve tried my best to not let cancer define me, but instead motivate me to live a full and loving life, since I now understand I only get one.

Here’s to the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a NEW one! The world is my oyster.

GRYT is choosing to find JOY even after being diagnosed with a rare, incurable cancer that will probably require multiple chemo treatments throughout your life.

GRYT is choosing to fight the physical and mental battle of cancer and chemo EVERY DAY by not giving up at work, at the gym, in relationship, or in adventuring.

GRYT is choosing to believe cancer and chemo is a beautiful part of my story that deserves to be shared.

GRYT is choosing to share my @chemo_diaries with the world in an effort to raise awareness about the effects of chemo.”

Instagram: @chemo_diaries 
Facebook: @ashleyschemodiaries

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January 3, 2019

The Weighty Issue of Data Ownership, and Why GRYT Health Keeps Your Data in Your Control

By: Shelley Nolden, GRYT Health Chairwoman, Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Survivor.

After a festive holiday season, I’m afraid to step onto my new digital scale. But not because of the five pounds of Christmas cheer I now need to lose. Rather, it’s the health app I have to download in order to use the scale’s high-tech features that’s giving me pause. Because once I enter my info and sync the scale to the app, I no longer own my weight loss progress, Body Mass Index (BMI), or bone density.

In order to use the app, I have to agree to a Privacy Policy, stating that the company: “…may share non-identified and aggregated Health data with partners or the public. Data will always be disclosed in a way that it cannot be tied to a particular individual. We may share such data to professional partners such as hospitals, researchers or other companies, as well as to the public in blog posts and data studies.”

Without consenting to these terms, I cannot access ANY of the digital features that merited the scale’s $100+ price tag. And, by agreeing to these terms, I will have effectively paid the company to disseminate and re-sell my health data. If my resolve weakens, and I eat nothing but cheeseburgers and milkshakes for the next month, who-knows-what institutions may receive the data associated with my weight loss failure.

How many health/social media apps out there are “scraping” your health data and reselling it? Do you read the Privacy Policies before you sync these apps with your personal life?

Before I became Chairwoman of GRYT Health, I probably wouldn’t have stopped to read the fine print. But, through the continual reaffirmation of our company’s values and GRYT’s leadership role in the patient experience research field, I have gained a far greater understanding of what actually happens when you enter your personal information into your phone. And, what should happen.

As a cancer survivor, I know what it feels like to not be in control. Not in control of treatment decisions, of the way your body feels, of your odds of survival, of the cancerous cells you long to gouge free from your body. Everything seems like it’s happening to you, not by you. It sucks. Plain and simple, it sucks.

Through the GRYT App, GRYT Health has created an online, private support community, offering both educational programming and peer-to-peer connections. It’s a free resource for all those affected by cancer, and it DOES NOT come with the price tag of being coerced into giving away the right to your health data.

We view every person who downloads the GRYT App as a HUMAN, not an anonymized source of data. We do not “scrape” medical information; we do not “use” our community; rather, we show compassion and respect for every individual who comes to our platform.

And, through our research initiatives, we empower our community to have your voices heard on your terms. Pharmaceutical and other health companies need to better understand the patient experience in order to improve it. And, patients should have the ability to play a bigger role in the search for cures that will benefit us all. At GRYT Health, we bring the patient/caregiver voice to the companies that make their cancer treatments through completely voluntary participation in surveys and focus groups, compensating participants whenever possible. Additionally, the members of our app community receive advance invitations to participate in our research projects before we reach out to the broader cancer community.

Our goal is to put control back in the hands of those affected by cancer. And so GRYT’s promise to you is that we will never use or sell your data without your permission.

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, as well as those of any other health apps you use or come across.

The GRYT App, funded, built, and run by a team of patients and caregivers, is a free resource for those who need support — free of charge and free of coercion regarding the ownership of your health data.

If only the app associated with my digital scale were the same. We welcome you to interact with our app community freely, with the confidence that comes with knowing there’s no Big Brother recording your info and selling it to a third party.

You’ll find me there in the chatrooms. Feel free to ask me how I’m progressing with losing those five holiday pounds. Because when it’s on my terms, I’m happy to share.

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December 21, 2018

Guest Blog: Lacuna Loft CEO Shares

An Easy Self-Care Tip for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, give yourself a gift by being kind to yourself.

Believe me, I know. Self-care is not a piece of cake. Sure, once you hear a tip, it sounds easy enough but all the real work is found in the implementation. Even so, never too late to hear a new, easy self-care tip right? I learned this one when I was in grad school. I’ll admit that I don’t quite have the hang of it yet…but I’m working on it!

When you’re facing a tough day or a tough situation (or both!), try talking to yourself like you would talk to a really good friend, or to your younger self. How would you react to your best friend (or the younger you) if he or she lost that big client or didn’t do well in that race or had a less than stellar day? Or maybe didn’t get all the shopping done or cookies made?

Would you blame them for the mistake? Would you pile on all of the other things that your friend did wrong that day?

I didn’t think so.

Try talking to yourself like you would a very good friend. You are with yourself all the time for goodness sake! Treat yourself like your own best friend!

Nurture yourself and be kind.

You can read the original blog post here.

Check out Lacuna Loft’s website for more blog posts, program information and to stay up to date with their news!

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December 13, 2018

Erica’s Story of GRYT

My name is Erica and I was diagnosed with potentially fatal Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma on March 28, 2013. My journey to survive this battle with cancer was very trying but after overcoming all the obstacles, I’ve become very passionate about inspiring people to have the “d’zire” to survive any challenges that they may face in their lives. My fight to survive lymphoma had its highs and its lows, however I didn’t give up even when at times the battle seemed like it wasn’t getting any easier. Through my unwavering faith and trust in God as well as exuding a positive attitude, I knew I could get through it all. I am the Founder of “Dzire2Survive” a cancer support and advocacy group that helps improve the quality of life for patients and their families touched by the lymphoma disease, by providing education and up to date information. I want to inspire patients with peer to peer comfort to help them continue to fight and overcome their battle with blood cancers.

I am also an ambassador with “The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” and “The Lymphoma Research Foundation” where my story is featured this month on their Adolescent and Young Adult stories of hope page ( with a host of other features such as the Houston Style Magazine, Cancer Today Magazine, CURE Magazine, L.A. Wave Newspaper, and with other special features including LRF Lymphoma Awareness Campaign videos (Erase Lymphoma, Impacting Lives-Youtube) sharing my amazing life changing survival story. I have helped raised over $5K in funds and cancer awareness Oct 2014–2018 with my team “Dzire2Survive” as they impacted so many lives at the Light the Night Walk with LLS and the Lymphoma 5k Walk with LRF in April 2014 and 2015.

Today, I am continuing my journey as Inspirational Speaker, Cancer Advocate, Founder of Dzire2Survive and my modeling career both runway and editorial fashion. I have walked in the Full Figured District of Curves Fashion shows, Naturalista Hair Show, Cancer Awareness Fashion events at Lord & Taylor, D.C. Fashion Week, with a host of other fashion events that helps me continue to motivate others to go after their dreams and aspirations.

In my spare time I loves to travel and most of all spend time with my family and close friends. I love the Lord and through Him enjoy helping others affected by cancer by sharing my empowering story. The motto that I live by and share with other survivors is to, “Never give up on your fight and continue to survive with your beautiful smile…Dzire2Survive”.

GRYT is only being 2 months away from my 28th Birthday and diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma (Blood Cancer).

GRYT is ripping runways and enjoying my modeling career because CANCER is a thing of my past, but I will NEVER forget.

GRYT is helping other newly diagnosed patients continue to have HOPE and the COURAGE to FIGHT back

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December 13, 2018

Announcing The GRYT Writing Group

In collaboration with A Ballsy Sense of Tumor and Lacuna Loft

At the end of last year, Justin, founder of ABSOT, teacher by day, writer by night, began hosting our year long How to Tell Your Story AppChat. Once a month, he would go through a host of different techniques, themes, and recommended guidelines. The GRYT community graciously listened, participated and brainstormed together. Then another month would past and the cycle of learning the how tos would refresh. It was an amazing series, and our first real AppChat that we debuted. The shame of it was, not a whole lot of writing was ever done, which was purely unintentional.

There have been many studies exploring how helpful and wonderful writing can be. Psychology Today, states:

“Across many experiments, people experience a positive effect from employing expressive writing to cope with difficult life experiences. Even though a traumatic or grievous experience comes crashing into one’s life unbidden, through writing, one can shape and explore the difficulty. Writing takes time. Taking time to write of one’s own life experience provides a way to respect, hone and understand the trauma or loss. We dignify our lives by taking seriously, in writing, the unwanted experience. We can make meaning of tragedy. Simply writing emotively, without telling a story, is not effective. Creating a narrative helps one write with authority in the face of unwanted change.”¹

So we brainstormed on how we could get more people involved, get more writing done, and how to help guide our community members in this new endeavor. It only made sense to transition How to Tell Your Story into a writing group. With the help our our nonprofit partner, Lacuna Loft, (check out their amazing writing program, Unspoken Ink), our awesome moderator, Justin, and Gryt’s platform, we know the only limits the GRYT Writing Group has is ones participants choose to enable.

The Deets.

Enter the start of a new year, new page, new chatroom. Beginning January 4th, on the Stupid Cancer app, among the various chatrooms you will be able to find a sparkling new one, the GRYT Writing Group Chatroom.

Once a week, on Friday mornings, in the chatroom, you will find a new writing prompt. In collaboration,with Lacuna Loft and A Ballsy Sense of Tumor, along with GRYT Health, there will be a rotating authorship of writing prompts. Each week is guaranteed to be different.

Read the prompt, ponder on it, then leave your paragraph, or two, or five- whatever your heart desires, in the chatroom to share it among your fellow community members. We’ve laid down the foundation for a safe, inclusive environment. All that’s left for you to do is to get your creative process on!

Not sure where to start? Feeling intimidated by the blinking cursor on your screen? Starting on the third Thursday of every month, join Justin for a new AppChat, GRYT Writing Night. You can chat with others, brainstorm, and get the creative juices flowing for that week’s writing prompt. Can’t make it? The writing prompt from the AppChat the night before will be posted in the GRYT Writing Group Chatroom the next morning.

GRYT Writing Group Guidelines:

  • Anyone that is part of the GRYT Community can participate, whether you think you are a writer or not.
  • Respond to the writing and not the writer.
  • Be sensitive and respectful.
  • All work is assumed to be fictional.
  • If you aren’t given the information in the writing piece, you aren’t privy to it. Be conscious of boundaries.
  • Feel free to direct message one another, by tapping on a user’s avatar, but the chatroom’s use is first and foremost for leaving writing pieces and commenting on them.
  • It’s ok to suggest edits, but be constructive with your criticism.

2019 is destined to be an epic year. So hop on board and follow along with us as we write our way through a new adventure together.


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December 6, 2018

Tia’s Story of GRYT

July 10th 2018 is when my world came to a screeching halt. I remember everything about the day I was diagnosed with Leukemia. The smells, the music the doctor had playing on his little stereo, even down to what Jordan’s I had on. My family had been affected by cancer before but I never saw it coming for me, never thought it could be me.

Since then I feel like I’ve been on this non-stop rollercoaster of ups and downs that never stops to let me off. My oral chemotherapy meds definitely contribute to more downs than ups. The side effects are the thing that pulls me down sometimes. The nausea, vomiting and all the other side effects I don’t have to get into make for a difficult time. However, a part of me is thankful for my diagnosis in a weird way. Why? It has changed my outlook on life and I’m no longer in a rush anymore. I also have a new life motto that I live by now. “I got the L but I’m not taking the L”

GRYT is going through Chemo but still going to your full-time job everyday because the “L “doesn’t define you.

GRYT is creating a blog about your vulnerability so that your friends/family can understand what your experiencing.

GRYT is finally understanding that you may need help time to time to overcome the feelings that come with the diagnosis.

GRYT is creating your own strength to get up in the morning when all you really want to do is not start the day.

Instagram: yanumber1

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November 30, 2018

GRYT Book Club: The Cast


Join us for the first GRYT Book Club of 2019! January 30th, at 8pm ET, chat with author of The Cast and cancer survivor, Amy Blumenfeld on the Stupid Cancer App in the AppChat Discussion Chatroom. The app is free to download for both Apple and Android!

Read below for:

  • Welcome note to the GRYT community from the author
  • Recommended Reading Guide
  • Amy’s Bio
  • The Cast book synopsis
  • Link to purchase

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to be hosting the book club next month! The Cast has been a labor of love for quite some time and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you and hearing your thoughts. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy new year!



Recommended Reading Guide

Dec 7th: Chapters 1–3

Dec 14th: Chapters 4–6

Dec 21st: Chapters 7–9

Dec 28th: Chapters 10–12

Jan 4th: Chapters 13–15

Jan 11th: Chapters 16–18

Jan 18th: Chapters 19–21

Jan 25th: Chapters 22–23

Jan 31st: 8pm ET Book Club AppChat!

“Twenty-five years ago, a group of ninth graders produced a Saturday Night Live–style videotape to cheer up their ailing friend. The show’s running time was only ninety minutes, but it had a lasting impact: Becca laughed her way through recovery, and the group―Jordana, Seth, Holly, and Lex―became her supporting cast for life.

On the silver anniversary of Becca Night Live, the friends reunite over the Fourth of July to celebrate Becca’s good health―but nothing goes as planned. The happy holiday card facades everyone’s been hiding behind quickly crumble and give way to an unforgettable three days filled with complex moral dilemmas and life-altering choices. Through humor, drama, and the alternating perspectives of five characters, The Cast explores the power of forgiveness, the importance of authenticity, and the immeasurable value of deep, enduring friendships to buoy us when life plays out differently than expected.”

About the Author

Amy Blumenfeld’s articles and essays have appeared in various publications, including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, O, The Oprah Magazine, George, Hadassah, and Moment, as well as on the cover of People. She is a graduate of Barnard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she was the recipient of the James A. Wechsler Award for National Reporting. She has been interviewed on the CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, FOX News, MSNBC, NY1, Sirius XM Radio and has contributed to two nonfiction books.The Cast, her first novel, is the 2018 IPPY Gold Medal winner in Popular Fiction, an International Book Awards finalist in Best New Fiction and was listed by the New York Post as a “Best Book of the Week.”

Check out this interview with Amy!

Follow Amy on Social Media: Facebook . Instagram . Twitter . Website

Purchase The Cast!

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November 29, 2018

Dr. Sadhana’s Story of GRYT

In high school I was diagnosed with a goiter (enlarged thyroid). That didn’t mean much to me medically, other than I felt a little self-conscious about my neck thickness and there were certain collared shirts that didn’t look good on me. My father had a history of thyroid cancer requiring surgery so my doctors were always vigilant about my frequent check-ups with serial ultrasounds and fine needle aspirations (a long long needle poked in my neck every few years always resulting in no evidence of cancer).

Well, on a routine follow-up, the radiologist found an enlarged lymph node (where white cells live that fight infection or cancer cells can live) right next to the goiter. So they recommended I have further work-up performed. Although I’m an oncologist and know the prevalence of cancer, I was in denial and told myself, “It’ll just be a big lymph node because I just got over a cold last week.” But an over eager, very nerdy radiology resident, with poor bedside manner who was scheduled to perform the fine needle aspiration said, “It’s going to be cancer…I mean with your family history and this new lymph node, I just know it!” I was optimistic but also wanted to punch that resident dead in his face! How dare he pronounce that I had cancer?! How could I, the loving cancer doctor for kids, have cancer too? How could I have just supported my mother through breast cancer and now be awaiting my own test results? He was right after all and I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer; which required a total thyroid removal, radioactive iodine therapy and close follow-up with my medical team.

After crying with my husband, mother, sisters, and friends, I said, “I got this! Nothing is going to stand in the way of me getting over this chapter in my life; continuing to be successful in my career, being a great wife and mother and inspiring others!” Now 4 years from surgery, radioactive iodine therapy and physical therapy, I’m cancer free and have a very discreet neck scar with a very slender neck to show for it all (no longer with restrictions on fashion trends). I am so grateful to have a supportive group of family, friends and co-workers who helped me during my journey. It was through these experiences that I’m able to relate that much more to my own patients; especially on the feelings of receiving a cancer diagnosis and then absence of cancer after completion of therapy.

GRYT is being a 34 year old oncologist who was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.
GRYT is being able to empathize with my patients and families when they receive good and bad news about their cancer diagnosis/treatment.
GRYT is telling myself that these events are temporary and that this too shall pass.
GRYT is knowing that cancer doesn’t define me and this is only making me a more compassionate human being.

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