Join us on December 12th at 9pm ET/ 8pm CT / 6pm PT for a LIVE conversation on Caring for the Caregiver.

Chat with Chasing Rainbows Young Adult Cancer Advocacy’s Pat Taylor and Lacuna Loft’s Mallory Casperson. Read below about our moderators, Pat and Mallory, two caregivers who will be guiding our discussion on self-care. You can be part of the dialogue in the Caregiver Chat room, located on the Stupid Cancer App which is free to download for both Apple and Android.

What we’ll be chatting about:

  • Types of Caregivers
  • Recognizing why self care is important
  • How to self care for the caregiver
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Building a stable community of support
  • Resources available when no one else is

Pat Taylor became an AYA cancer advocate when her daughter, Sara, age 23, was diagnosed with cancer back in 1997. Addressing the lack of support resources for her peers and caregivers, Sara and Pat produced and distributed two films, Sara’s Story and Chasing Rainbows Young Adults Living With Cancer, and Chasing Rainbows Young Adult Cancer Advocacy was born.

Since then, along with other advocates and their support resources, Pat has watched the AYA Cancer Voice grow from a tiny whisper to empowered roar! Caregivers helped make this happen.

As a Parent and Advocate, Pat joins this Gryt Health Caregiver Chat, to share and explore with other Caregivers the immediate needs and on going challenges we face while navigating the unpredictable cancer storyline with our loved ones. Self Care is the key to being the kind of Caregiver we strive to be. How do we make it so? Join Pat to learn more.

Mallory Casperson was forced into the world of young adult cancer caregiving in graduate school when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was fortunate enough to serve as one of her mother’s primary caregivers during the last months of her life.

Two month’s after her mother passed, Mallory was diagnosed with cancer herself. Several years into her survivorship, Lacuna Loft, a nonprofit organization offering online support programs to young adult cancer survivors and caregivers, was created to connect young adults facing cancer together.

Understanding young adult cancer from both the caregiving and the survivor experience has allowed Mallory to become a strong advocate in the young adult cancer community. Self care is key to any caregiving experience and Mallory is excited to talk caregiving with Gryt Health!

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