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Introducing the LGBTQIA+ Chatroom.

A safe space to meet others, share experiences, and ask questions. With monthly meetups on the first Monday of every month, you can connect with others in a casual environment from your phone. Along with the new chatroom and programs, we’re introducing our new partner, The Transgender Cancer Patient Project.

Read below to hear from Charlie, patient, and co-founder of TCPP.

I made a blog in 2016 when I was newly diagnosed with an advanced stage of melanoma. Trying to find resources as a young trans person going through treatment was really difficult in that nothing of the sort really existed. I took it upon myself to make a transgender cancer support blog hoping I would find other people who were going through what I was. Roman, a fellow transgender cancer patient, was my only follower. I sent them a message and we met in person a couple of months later. We have been together ever since and created this project to support and uplift other trans cancer patients dealing with a gendered health system through zines (self-published books and or “magazines”), and a peer support group.

Through our own experiences and learning of others, we have also realized the tremendous need for change in the healthcare system. For this reason, on top of supporting and uplifting trans patients, we also seek to make things better by working with healthcare providers in providing more inclusive care. Thus far, we have presented at healthcare conferences where we have shared our work and presented workshops on advocacy and cultural competency. We also have and continue to equip healthcare establishments and providers with tools to make their care less gendered and more trans friendly, many of which you can find on our website for free. We look forward to the future of this project and the continued support from our communities.

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Transgender Cancer Patient Project Mission

We recognize that marginalized people have a lot of expectations put on them to present and speak about their experiences in a specific way. As transgender cancer patients ourselves, we think it is important to break that down, and show that there are more to these intersections than society may expect. The main hope for this project is to provide support and community for fellow transgender cancer patients. However, we would additionally like this to be a source of education, to provoke better care and inclusivity in medical spaces, and to help destigmatize patient experiences. Our current goal is to make our zines accessible for free here, as well as in physical formats to be sold at events. All funds will be used to offset the cost of running this website, production of the zines; and aid in travel costs to zine fests and healthcare events where we share our work and present workshops on advocacy and cultural competency. We have experienced the need for community, resources, and discussion around these topics, which is why this project and your support is so important to us.

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